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The Tune-Up Shop

This is where you will find resources to make your Travelogue fanfiction better. Beta readers, resource links, Essays, archives, mailing lists, etc. Please note that all essays are the opinion of the writer and that essays do not necessarily reflect the opinion of this site, unless of course it is my essay in which case it is all my opinion, you are free to disagree and even retort by emailing me.

Beta Readers (70 to choose from)

Automobile & Road Trip Links (23 to choose from)

Mailing Lists (47 to choose from)

Road Trip Essays:

Getting Back to the Grindstone - A look writing historical fic & Other-Whens by Josey

General Writing Essays:

The Beta Reader's Bible by Tania - A resource for both writers and their betas.

Character Essays:

Anya - Writing Anya by Tania

Drusilla - The Pitfalls of Writing Drusilla by Jenny O.

Faith - A Sexual Creature by Angel Jade

Graham - Writing Graham Miller by Angel Jade

Lindsey - Back to His Roots by Tania

Oz - Oz Speak by Angel Jade

Spike - On Writing Spike by cousinjean

Xander - Tears of a Clown by Josey

There are several more character specific essays in the works.
Don't want to wait and think you have a good handle on a character?
Write one yourself and email it to Tania.

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