The Last Time I Saw You
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Beta Readers

Beta Readers are a completely necessary part of Fan Fiction writing. Few of us are experts in every aspect of Whedon Lore, others are much more likely to catch mistakes that get by us as authors.

If you are interested in becoming an Angel/Darla Beta Reader please send me the following:

Name: Email: Preferences: Dislikes: Strengths: Other Notes:

Name: Allison Grace Preferences: Dark Fic, NC-17, character death, Bloodplay, incest, anything sick and wrong. There is nothing she won't read. Trust Me. Dislikes: Not much. Strengths: Will help with canon, slang, grammar, spelling and plot.

Name: Anne Preferences: I enjoy most Spike pairings, but I've got a soft spot for Spike/Buffy; Angel(us)/Darla, Dislikes: Spike/Xander, Angel/Buffy Strengths: Strongest at canon checking and character voices, but also spelling and grammar. Other Notes: Willing to read Angel/Spike in any form. Or any combination of Angel/Darla/Spike/Drusilla. For other Slash pairings, please ask first before sending. Can usually beta in about 24 hours, will notify if it'll be longer

Name: Belle Preferences: Will read anything. Dislikes: None. Strengths: Good with grammar, characterization, spelling, punctuation. Other Notes: Send in Word2000 if possible

Name: Brenda Preferences: Welcome to any story line or any ship. Dislikes: none. Strengths: Will help hash out problems and give advice on grammar points. Basically an English major sick of reading about the Theoretical Prospects of Poverty in Western Europe in the Late Eighteenth Century. Other Notes: Please give notice in the submit of fanfic of what help you are looking for.

Name: Libby Preferences: Well written stories with valid characterizations. Good smut is always entertaining. Humor is good. Consensual slash is fine by me. Humorous mysteries with some smutty romance are my ideal. Dislikes: Rape, canon character death, character bashing or poor characterization, songfic, sap Strengths: I am a perpetual student and freelance journalist, so my editing skills are pretty good. I also love to read! Other Notes: Slash is fine, but unless it's Spike/Angel or Willow/Tara, there should be a leadup.

Name: Tania Preferences: Any Angel/Angelus/Liam & Darla fic. Dislikes: Human AU Strengths: I enjoy historical fic and I have seen every ep of Buffy & Angel, so I can help keep your story canon centered. Other Notes: Will read any rating. Please email before sending your story to make sure I have time to beta.

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