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The Last Time I Saw You
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Last Updated 4/10/06 7:16 pm (52 Stories by 38 Authors Archived)

Welcome to The Last Time I Saw You... The Angel/Darla Zone of the BTVS Writer's Guild.

Angel: the Series may be over, but the ship will not go down anytime soon. Joss was kind enough to give us one final Fanged Four flashback as a way of saying thank you to all of the fans who fell so hard for this fantastic quartet of vampires. We thank the writers in return and hope they will see our love for these characters as the endless thanks it is meant to be.

So why is Last Time here? Can death really separate the undead? I think not. Darla and Angel may have been separated by death a few times, but as the new version shows, each phase was just the beginning of another. Thanks to the miraculous mind of the Whedon Darla is always just a flashback away.

This site serves as not only a host for my Angel/Darla fic, but as a resource for other writers, including beta readers, links and essays. The site works on an open submission basis, as long as Darla and Angel are the focus of the piece.

You can also read my chat with Julie Benz, great Darla insight.

I hope you will make this a frequent stop for all of your Angel/Darla Needs.

Kisses, Tania the Webgirl

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The characters of Darla & Angel, et al, belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox Entertainment. I am simply playing with them, as you are welcome to, just remember you have to give them back when you are done.