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Angel/Darla Links:

Blood Screaming, a Fanged Four site, no longer updated, but always a fun stop. No Longer updated site with a few fics by the same author, but hey, we take our fix anyway we can get it.

Darla Links:

The Darla Zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild, and a fabulous Darla-centric fiction archive. Angelic Darla A Darla Slash site.
Darla, the Blonde Vampiress

Angel Links:

We Want Him Dark...a clique

General Links:

LinkGurl's Angel Links More that just Fan Fiction, a great links database to help you find a place for your work, multifandom. The Slayer.Net, a Huge site of news, links, forums,  a great resource to the fandom.

Fearsome Foursome:

Peasant really should be worshipped by some sort of cult, her fic is impeccable and she herself is one of the nicest authors in this fandom. After Sunset is a Fanged Four site in German (mostly) beautiful layout, lots of content Old Fashioned Fourplay - a Fanged Four writer's resource for historical fiction.


Buffy Fiction Archive Mainly an Angel/Spike archive, but accepts Fearsome Fouresom fic as well. Campfire Tales UCSL is a great archive thousands of stories from the mailing list of the same name, my pet peeve, you can't search by pairing or main character only title or author, but if you've got patience and time you're sure to find fic you'll love. Dru's site is no longer updated, but still home to seom great fiction. A multi-fandom archive, posts all fic posted to the Glass Onion mailing list, also has an automated posting interface you can use. The rehaul is nearly complete and this site will be accepting submissions again any day now. (End of July at the latest)

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