The Last Time I Saw You
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Fanfiction Rated NC-17

Warning: You must be 17 or older to read the Fanfiction housed on this page

  • A Bloody London Season by Laure Alexander (NC-17) Darla/Angelus, It's 1793 and heads are rolling in Paris and blood is flowing in London as Darla and Angelus play with French emigres.
  • A Lesson in Submission by Laure Alexander, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, Darla teaches her new childe a few things.
  • Affliction by Jade Munro, NC-17, Darla/Angel, A human Darla tortures Angel, and it just can't end well.
  • Another Detour by Serena, NC-17, Angel/Darla, set during Dear Boy's Convent scene, yummy
  • Darling Boy by Evil Willow (NC-17) Angelus/Darla, Angel/Darla, Angelus/Spike, other pairings, het and slash. Dark fic. 47 parts, complete on one page.
  • Details by Laure Alexander, NC-17, Darla/Angel, Darla/Lindsey, set after Epiphany.
  • Demon's Aria by Josey (NC-17) William/Angelus, Angelus/Darla, Fanged Four. Thelong awaited sequel to Queen's Gambit.
  • Eternally Yours by Rach, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, Darla/Spike/Dru, Darla's children amuse her.
  • Holiday by Tania, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Spike, Angelus/Drusilla implied, Spike/Drusilla , set in 1890's London
  • La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Nepthys, NC-17, Darla POV, takes place after Billy
  • Never Change by CrazyEvilDru, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, Darla POV, set in Missoula, MO and answers  'Why was Angel depressed there?'
  • Night of the Hunter by Jennifer Oksana, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, Cordelia has a vision of a brutal murder--which turn out to be copycats--or are they? Time gets cut to pieces, Angel and Cordelia get cozy and it may not turn out all right in the end
  • Nocturn by Spyke Raven, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, how did he get that tattoo anyway?
  • Queen's Gambit by Josey (NC-17) Angelus/Spike, Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Drusilla, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Darla, family relations are never easy. 8 parts.
  • Rekindling the Flame by Laure Alexander, NC-17, Angel/Darla, set in 1920's New York
  • Relapse by Jade Munro, NC-17, Darla/Angel,  After Reunion, Angel embraces his dark side, just long enough to relapse.
  • Tell Me A Tale by Kismet, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, Darla/Other
  • The Man in the Long Black Coat by Lamia, NC-17, Darla POV
  • The Wings of Eros by Kismet, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, set in Dublin
  • Trust by Landrews, NC-17, Angelus/Darla, Angel/other, Angel POV, a prostitute unwittingly gives Angel clarity (outside link)
  • William Series by Evil Willow(NC-17) 24 chapters of Fearsome fouresome goodness, and badness, a must read. (Housed at CP&D)


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