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Drabble for Estepheia
by Elinora
Note: Written for the Summer of Spike Drabble Challenge.
Prompts: Spike and Ethan - in Initiative captivity - alternate reality or wishverse - slash optional

They share an Initiative cell, and both know the reason has nothing to do with over-crowding. Room service is unreliable. Yesterday Ethan had to fume while Spike gulped a bag of O positive, but today chicken stew gets pushed through the door.

"I can do a spell with these," whispers Ethan as he artfully hides the chicken bones. "And if you're a little bit sweeter to me, I might take you with me as a pet."

Ethan may have been aware of the security camera, but had clearly missed the microphone. Spike feels a little buzz-click deep in his head, and knows his chip had been disabled.