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Title: Aftermath
Author: Tania
Summary: William still has much to learn.

Drusilla lay in the corner, in a daze somewhere between unconsciousness and sky-talking.

William’s blood boiled. The great oaf had tossed her across the room, her cotton shift flying above her, evidence of his rapid switch from pleasure to fury dripping down her thighs.

Angelus stood at the corner of the bed, waiting for him to make the next move, or so William thought. His mind raced, confusion slipping into each plan of action, clear knowledge that he would never be able to take the vampire down, no matter how strong he felt after awaking from death. He’d tried his hardest, but hadn’t so much as connected a single punch.

“We’ll come to an understanding on this tonight, boy,” Angelus finally said, absently pushing long brown hair behind his ears, clearing his line of vision maybe, or possibly his goal was to bring William’s focus to his now exposed neck.

If it was the latter, the trick worked. William could no more remove his eyes from the veins that rose there than he could ignore the wimpering laughter that came from his lover as she crept in the corner, shrouded behind a thick damask curtain.

“Drusilla is free to seek her pleasure where she may, as are you, and myself? I’ll take it from both of ye as I like.” Angelus raised his shirt over his head, exposing thick muscle and faint traces of what looked to be lash marks. “When Darla returns she’ll do the same. Are you understanding yet, William?” He spat the name like a curse, coming close enough to tower over William.

“So, this is your idea of slaughtering innocents is it?” William said, averting his eyes from Angelus’ face, not wanting the vampire to see the rage he would be unable to hide.

“There are no innocents here,” Angelus laughed. “The demon that lives within us knows things ye may never understand. He’ll show you pleasures unconceived of by humans. Pleasures of the blood, the flesh, the mind.”

“I think I’ve seen enough of your sort of pleasure.” William tried to turn away, but Angelus’ hands suddenly gripped him close, unrelenting as he thrashed.

“Ye’ve seen nothing of what I aim to show you, but you will.” Angelus released his young charge and left the room without looking back.

William thought about latching the door, but knew it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Behind him Drusilla cackled like a mad witch.

“He will you know,” she finally said between fits.

“He’ll what?” William asked, grabbing a towel from the rack and tending to her wounds.

“He’ll show you everything.”