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Title: Angel's Mistake
Author: Tania
Written for the slashthedrabble Mistakes challenge on LJ.

It seemed so natural at the time. Sign the scroll, win the day. So why is it that now, standing in a blood drenched alley, dead friends at his feet, hordes of demons at the ready, strength fading as quickly as his remaining companions, that it all seems a mistake?

To give up a future of grey hair and wrinkling skin was easy when he thought they had a chance. Chubby cheeked grand children and a beautiful, yet aging wife at his side, dying old and sated, images of a happily ever after filled his mind even as he watched the dried papyrus turn red with his blood.

It wasnít until he saw the last sword fall at his side, heard the final cry of his centuries old lover, and another older still, that it sank through to his bones. Heís alone. Blinking away blood and sweat, the last peaceful smile left his mindís eye in that split second. He will never be human, never feel the sun on his face again. And Angel thinks that maybe, just maybe, it would have been better to stay and live the lie. Watching the Apocalypse sweep the nation from his high-rise apartment.