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 Title: Casual Observance
Author: Tania
Summary: You know what they say about those who carry a big stick...
Rating: G
Pairing: Puppet!Angel/Wesley

“You do realize that to the casual observer it looks a bit like overcompensation.”

“Wesley, are you questioning the size of my sword?” Angel ran a soft finger over the length of the blade, shifting in his seat a few inches to reach the end.

“I’m just saying that something in a sais may have been more appropriate,” Wesley said as they drove towards the television station.

“This is my favorite sword, and I’m going to kill something with it,” Angel said, letting the hilt rest on his lap.

“I’m just worried that something might be you. I mean, in your current condition a few stitches takes on a bit of different meaning.”

“There’s a needle and thread in the glove box.”

“Well, I suppose it would be far less messy should you sever a limb as a puppet than a vampire.”

“Could we not talk about this anymore?” Angel growled, running his tiny felt fingers through the tuft of fiber currently doubling as his hair.

“Right,” Wesley agreed, “How about this? I’ll hold you up to the devils and you can swing away. Or, or I could find some marionette strings…”

“Wes, do you know how many pounds of pressure it takes to break through the average human’s skin?” Angel asked, slowly turning the sword until the point was facing Wesley’s thigh. “I think one good corner should be enough.”

“I think Gunn was right, you do seem to have puppet sized patience this evening.”

“You just wait until I get my body back,” Angel warned.

“I’m waiting.”

Turning the car into the television lot, Wesley pulled up beside Fred’s Beetle and stepped out. Opening the door, Angel dropped the sword to the ground, nearly hitting Wesley’s foot, and then crawled out feet first.

“Not one word,” Angel warned, lifting the sword up until it rested on his shoulder.

“Never dreamed of it,” Wesley smiled.

Coming up beside them, Gunn took a quick look at Angel, “Ready to do this?”

“Absolutely,” Angel said, heading for the studio’s side door.

“What’s with the sword?” Gunn asked Wesley, speaking in conspiratorial tones.

“I heard that,” Angel mumbled as the door was opened by an orange puppet not much taller than Angel. With one swing Angel beheaded it and turned back to Gunn and Wesley. “Later, when I’m myself again, I’ll show you both just how much I’m ‘undercompensating’.”

“Mm hmm.” They answered in unison.

“Shut up.”

“Just following your lead, boss,” Gunn shouted after Angel. “Hey Wes, just how long is it gonna take for him to get his body back?”

“Shouldn’t be more than a day or two…why?”

“Just gotta clear my schedule for the weekend.”

"Good idea,” Wesley agreed as the door began to shut behind them. "Who knows how long we'll be busy if Angel gets his sword out again."

"True, you bring the ruler," Gunn said, drawing his own sword as yet another demon rushed them, "I'll bring the yardstick."