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Title: Clear Division Between Realities
Author: Tania
Summary: Liz wanted Spike/Illyria with Angel watching. Apparently I did too.

Angelís glad the windows are misted over, sweat, blood, heat, they all mix together to blur his view just enough to make it seem like a fantasy. He watches as again and again Spike tries to take her down, legs sweeping under, fists not quite fast enough to keep up with her. She moves with a sort of speed that even vampires couldnít hope to match. Itís beyond natural strength, she has skills most people could never believe exist.

Heís watching it and canít believe how fast she moves from pinning Spike to straddling. The vampire can barely let out a yelp before he is stripped at the waist and whatever magic she uses to appear nothing but a dead shell is gone. She wears her nakedness like a queen would wear a robe. She knows that the guise she chooses inspires a sort of worship even in the godless.

Angel wants to look away. Wants to tap at the glass and let them no they are not alone. He watches them in a daze, one hand frantically trying to wipe the hazy glass in an attempt to see more, or maybe to blur it so he sees less. He isnít sure why he came here at all, but he canít leave, not yet. His hands drift towards his rising cock, shifting it through his trousers, eventually giving up his attempt to ignore his own arousal.

Below him on the blood splattered mat the demon and the goddess writhe against each other in yet one more power struggle before the day is done, and here he stands, spraying his side of the glass so that they might think it was nothing more than a dream as well.