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Title: Don't Smile
Author: Tania
Rating: PG
Summary: Vicious Wishes wanted a Wes/Angel moment set during Smile Time. I'm told my response was unexpected.

"Most of us have to take acceptable happiness. Most of us take lovers that want us and are glad to have them. Most of us never get to have anything resembling perfect happiness, so why donít you go on and be with the girl who wants you and stop rubbing the fact that one time in your very long life you got the chance to be perfectly happy in the faces of those of us who never have."

"I wasnít trying to..."

"You see thatís just it, you donít have to try. You walk in the room, everyone knows youíll always have that moment of perfect bliss, you carry it like a burden when really itís the one thing the rest of us will spend all the years of our lives looking for."

"Youíll get that too, Wes, and yours wonít come with the death and the mayhem, and the..."

"Iíll never get that moment."

"Why not?"

"Because Iím about to walk to the lab and pretend to be interested in something very boring so that Fred will smile, and you are about to agree to breakfast with yet another blonde woman who loves you, and tomorrow, when we wake up, this moment between us wonít mean anything to you. You wonít even think of it again, and Iím going to be asking myself for the rest of my life why I couldnít just kiss you and be done with it. Goodnight Angel."