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TITLE: Holiday
FEEDBACK Oh yes, this is my second fanfic and my first with slash!
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SUMMARY: Inspired by Angel's line in Over the Rainbow that the Tower of London 'wasn't that bad'. Drusilla and Darla go on holiday leaving the boys to redefine the Sire/Child relationship
PAIRINGS: Angelus/Spike, Angelus/Darla. Angelus/Drusilla implied, Spike/Drusilla
WARNINGS: M/M sex, Het sex, bloodplay, violence woohoo
DISCLAIMER: Joss owns  Angelus, Spike, Darla and Drusilla, but not Spain, the Tower of London or bathtubs full of soap.


Spike had just finished draining a large pint of ale when he saw a large form pass the window of the small tavern, the man took a step back peering in at him. ‘Great,’ he thought, 'just when I was getting comfortable'. He got up from his seat, threw a couple shillings on the table and headed out the door.


Spike cringed as his Sire took his arm. Angelus placed his large hand against Spike's face, running his fingers along the harsh lines of his cheekbones. “Ye’ve not even fed yet.” Angelus barked at him, not removing his hand from the cool skin of Spike's cheek.

“I wanted to take my time. Did you not tell me when we left the house tonight to not make a mess?” Spike tried to steady his voice. He held Angelus' stare for a moment, finally breaking away from the deep brown eyes. Angelus smiled as his childe shifted his gaze to the ground, ignoring the contemptuous shake of his head.

“When I say to not make a mess I mean don't have half of London chasing you home after ye’ve fed.” Angelus had slid his hand to the back of Spike's neck and was roughly straightening his collar. “Darla and Drusilla will be leaving tonight and I won't have any of yer half-brained toying upsetting them before they go.”

Spike had not been alone with Angelus in years. He didn't want Darla to decide at the last minute that the two of them would have to follow the vampiresses to Siberia or wherever they were off to.

“Yes Sire.” Spike answered. “I'll behave. Can I feed now?” Spike gave him a wicked smile and looked back through the tavern window. He had been watching a young couple all night. The man looked to be a factory worker, he had a little grease under his fingernails and his overcoat showed signs of wear. His lady however, was impeccable in her high-necked black dress. She had long red hair, which had been tied up into a tight bun. Ringlets framed her pale skin and her lover could not help but reach over every so often and curl one around his thick fingers.

Angelus had followed Spike's gaze and eyed the woman. “The lass will make a fine meal won't she?

“Yes, and I suppose you'll be taking her.” Spike sneered, adding under his breath, “Tosser.”

The pair in the bar finished their drinks and rose, arm in arm heading for the door. The couple walked past Angelus and Spike quickly heading for a tall stone apartment house up the street. Angelus took a step away from the wall he had been leaning on, heading down the street.  Spike followed a few steps behind. They caught the couple just as they were heading up the stairs.

Angelus grabbed the man, wrapping an arm around his head covering his mouth, dragging him to the side of the building. Angelus slipped into his vampiric visage and pressed the man against the alleyway’s cobblestone. Angelus pressed his knee into the chest below him, forcing the air from the man's lungs. With his chest being crushed the man couldn't speak. He watched in horror as Spike came up behind his companion grabbing her small waist and lifting her up. Spike slowly walked over to Angelus, dropping his cargo onto the hard ground in front of him.

“Your prize, my liege.” Spike said through gritted teeth. Angelus punched the man hard in the face and lifted his knee from his chest. Spike took his place over him and let his own face change. Spike flashed golden eyes at Angelus, who was moving towards the woman, then turned back to his own meal.

Angelus had taken the terrified woman into his arms. He raised a finger to his lips hushing her as he reached up to let her hair out of the severe bun she bore. He smiled at her, cocking his head a little to the side as the long strands of red fell around her shoulders. In one motion he ripped the buttons down the front of her dress, tearing the collar to expose her long neck. She began to scream but was cut off by Angelus' sharp teeth at her throat. He bit her lightly, letting just a slow trickle of blood run over his tongue. He stopped lapping her neck for a moment to check Spike's progress.

“William, she tastes of honey an’ apples. Really quite delicious.” Angelus called to him. “How's the gent?”

Spike lifted his head from the man's throat, which he had torn apart hastily in his anger, spilling more blood than he could drink. “He tastes like all you micks, all pork fat and potato. Thank you very much!” He returned to the task at hand tearing into a fresh vein in the man's wrist and took a long drought.

Angelus resisted the urge to watch his childe feed. His William had never been interested in a neat feed. He was savage in his beauty, pale skin and slender bones, even in his true face Spike was breathtaking. The woman was now whimpering a prayer. Angelus tore his eyes from the other vampire and pulled her closer. He sank his fangs into her neck much deeper this time. His mouth filled with her sweet blood and he hungrily sunk his teeth deeper. When he felt her heart stop beating he tossed her body to the cold ground and stood up. He had managed to drain her completely without spilling a drop.

In sharp contrast to his sire, Spike looked like he had just come from a ceremonial sacrifice. The front of his shirt had been stained crimson and his chin was covered with the factory worker's blood. He caught Angelus' glare and wiped his chin with his coat sleeve, grinning madly at his sire's disgust.

Spike walked over to Angelus and, without a word of warning, grabbed his sire's face and pulled him into a hard kiss. His long tongue probed the larger vampire's mouth licking the sweet taste of the woman from his teeth. Spike swallowed furiously, trying to bury the taste of his own less appetizing meal. He held onto Angelus for just a moment more and then broke the kiss. Angelus stared into Spike's cold blue eyes and shrugged off his grasp. They turned up the street and wordlessly headed for the large house they had claimed earlier in the month.


When they arrived, there was a large carriage waiting for the women. It was loaded high with cases of their finery. Servants were running frantically up and down the stairs inside while Darla shouted orders from the salon. In the center of the room Drusilla danced to music only she could hear. Her long red dress moving in rhythm with her dark hair.

Spike tried to sneak up the stairs unnoticed so he could get some clean clothes on, but was stopped by Drusilla’s squeals. “Spike, Spike, come say goodbye. Mummy and I are going to Spain to watch the running of the bulls.”

“I know Drusilla,” He smiled at his dark princess. “you'll have a lovely time of it, I'm sure.”

Drusilla was now upon him, her tongue lapping what was left of the blood off his chin. She made a face at the taste, but continued to clean him like a cat. Spike let her lap at him, occasionally darting his own tongue out to meet hers. When she was done she began kissing him deeply and clawed at his back.

“Drusilla! Get off of that idiot and finish packing. I don't especially feel like missing our boat!” Spike pulled away from Drusilla, not wanting to incur Darla’s wrath for making them late.

“C’mon Dru, I'll help you finish packing. Have you got all your dolls?” He pulled her up the stairs and they went into her little room.

Angelus had sat down in the salon to read through the various letters and papers that cluttered his desk. Darla came and sat on his lap running fingers through his thick hair. He turned to face her just in time to catch a hard slap across his cheek.

“What, pray ye, was that for?” He said, rubbing his jaw. He stared at his sire a bit incredulous.

“We are to leave for Spain in less than an hour and you take that half-witted childe out to hunt. He is nothing but a fledgling Angelus.” She turned her small nose in the air to emphasize her point. “He feeds like a wild animal, coming home covered in blood scaring the servants half to death.”

“He is young, he will learn. I promise, lover.” Angelus tried to kiss her, but Darla pulled her head away and stood up leaving him grasping at air.

“We will be gone for two weeks Angelus. I suggest you teach him how to behave, or perhaps I will chain you both and make you drink pig's blood from a cup for a month when I get back!”

“I will teach him, Darla. Now, how long until ye leave?”

He stood up to join her and bent his head down to kiss her. This time she did not pull away. He pulled her small frame next to his and picked her up. He turned and set her against the salon wall undoing his belt. Darla clawed at her own clothes pushing her petty-coat out of the way so he lover would have access to her. Angelus let his trousers drop to the floor and pushed his hardened member into his sire's cool passage. The pair settled into a fast pace taking nips at each other's lips and throats. Angelus raised a hand to her soft golden hair and pressed his weight harder against her chest pinning her to the wall.

Drusilla and Spike came down the stairs with a large case of dolls and more of Drusilla’s dresses. Spike passed them to one of the servants, telling him to load it into the carriage.

“Yes, master William.” The man replied trying not to rest his gaze on Spike's bloody clothing. He turned towards the door and rushed to the carriage.

“Oh, Spike, I will miss you, why won't you come to Spain. It's so perfect when they fill the streets just waiting for us to come and snatch them up like Christmas cakes. Everyone around just laughs and thinks it was the bulls.” She darted a pouty lip out, which Spike took in his mouth.

“I'd love to pet, but Angelus wants to stay in London, and so I thought I'd stay too. Besides, you'll enjoy your little trip with Darla, remember, chaos in the streets. All that chocolate filled Spanish blood.”

“Oh I adore chocolate.” Drusilla cooed. She began to sway her hips and wave her red fingernails into the air as she hummed.

Spike watched her dance for a moment but was distracted by the thumping against the wall he had rested against. The sounds of moaning coming from the salon were growing louder with each thump. He slowly slid down the wall towards the salon door, not taking his eyes off of Drusilla lest she think she was being neglected. He then moved into the opening of the door taking a quiet step into the room, just far enough to see Angelus holding Darla’s knees behind his back while his hand traced a free form around her large breasts. Her pink nipples were peaking as he rolled them between his fingers and she was mouthing his name over and over.

Angelus turned her head to the far wall, pushing her long curls off her neck. He bent his head to take her neck into his mouth. As he licked at her soft throat he caught Spike's gaze. Spike went to leave, expecting a harsh beating after the women had left for Spain, but Angelus shook his head beckoning Spike to stay. He ground his hips into Darla’s softness harder. With each thrust Angelus' eyes became heavier, yet he did not look away from Spike. Darla’s moaning was growing faster and faster, until it was almost a scream. Angelus pulled her tighter as his own orgasm grew closer. He let his vampiric veil come and bit down on Darla’s exposed neck. Spike turned from the door, his own erection clearly showing through his tight trousers. Just as he stepped into the foyer Angelus let out a howl as he climaxed.

Spike again turned his gaze to Drusilla, who did not seem to notice the activity in the next room, nor Spike's absence.


Darla and Drusilla had left in the carriage a few hours before dawn, leaving the two male vampires alone in the house. Most of the servants had gone with the women and the few that had remained made themselves scarce during the night.

Spike had finally been able to draw a bath once the house had settled. He peeled off the bloodstained clothes and threw them into a heap on the floor. He stepped into the large tub, the steamy water warming his skin. Spike slid into the warmth and pressed his fingers across his head scraping the blood off. When Spike brought his head  out of the water he was startled to find Angelus staring at him.

“Bloody hell Angelus, are you trying to scare me to death? Well, I'm already dead, but bollocks, are you just going to stare?”

Angelus just stared.

“Oh for Chrisakes, If you're just going to oggle me you could at least make yourself useful.” Spike tossed a wet cloth to Angelus and turned his back to him. Playing along, Angelus knelt down on the soft rug in front of the tub and rubbed soap onto the cloth. He touched the cloth to Spike's back and began  to massage the soap into a lather.

Spike felt his whole body relax as his sire washed him. Angelus reached over his shoulder and rubbed his chest, taking extra care around Spike's soft brown nipples.


Angelus didn't answer, but he had begun to purr in Spike's ear as the cloth went further down his torso. He rested his hand on Spike's hard stomach, tracing the curves of his tight abdomen with his finger.

“Angelus?” Spike asked again. “Hand me the towel would you? The water's getting cold.”

Angelus paused in his reverie of Spike's body and stood up. He grabbed a soft towel and placed it around Spike's glistening body as he stood and stepped out of the water. Spike let his Sire dry him off, which he did painfully slow, not saying a word. When Angelus was done with his exploration, Spike grabbed the towel and rubbed his hair against it. He then tossed the towel onto the pile of bloody clothes and shook his head letting wet brown curls cling to his face and neck.

Spike walked into the hall towards his room, casting a glance over his shoulder to see if Angelus would follow. He didn't see him coming so Spike went into his room and laid on the large four poster bed. A breeze from the window made his still damp nipples form soft peaks.  “Bollocks” he mumbled, climbing off of the bed to shut it. He pulled the heavy black curtains shut to keep out the coming dawn and turned back towards the bed, nearly tripping over Angelus.

“Damned all Angelus!” He shouted. “Do you have to be sneaking around like some church mouse?”

“No, I don't have to. I choose to.” Angelus moved out of the way, letting Spike take up his position on the bed again. “William.”

Spike loved the way his sire whispered his name, his given name, though he would never tell him that. He could think of only a handful of times Angelus had called him Spike, and it was usually after he had bedded Drusilla. He would taunt Spike by using Dru’s name for him. He shirked off the thought. There was no taunting in Angelus' voice now, just desire. Spike felt his own cock swell with desire as well. Angelus took off his crisp shirt and laid it gently on a small chair beside the bed. Spike marveled at the beautiful chest that was now before him. So perfectly sculpted, the dark brown aureolas of his nipples, strong well formed arms, Spike lost himself in that body.

Angelus took another step towards the bed in a predatory stance. A low growl was now coming from his throat. He was here to claim his childe, just as he had claimed Darla in front of him earlier. Spike reached out to unfasten Angelus' belt. Once he had undone the buckle Spike slowly slid his sire's pants down to his ankles, where Angelus kicked them off with his shoes.

“Such a shame.” Spike whispered.

“What's that?” asked Angelus, who was now beside him on the bed.

“I was just thinking, no one can carry off the leather pants like you can.” Spike smiled and accepted a warm kiss from his sire. Angelus pressed his firm body against that of his childe, taking his time to admire the hard lines of his lean body. Angelus ran his hands over hips and rips and pectorals, then back down to the pulsating cock that was begging for his attention. He grasped Spike's delicious length in a strong hand and smiled into the mouth he was kissing as Spike responded with a shudder.

Spike reached his own hands out take a hold of Angelus. He fiercely stroked his sire in time with the rhythm he felt on his own body. Wanting more he released himself from his sire's grip and slid down his body. Kissing a trail down the pale stomach, Spike reached his sire's cock. He tentatively licked at the engorged head, trailing circles with his tongue, lightly grazing the length with his teeth. He teased Angelus with soft strokes along the shaft, lightly rubbing his inner thigh. Angelus let out a soft moan and reached a hand onto the back of Spike's neck, trying to force him to take the length into his mouth. Spike resisted for a moment and then let himself be guided. He opened his throat and took Angelus deep into his throat. Angelus thrust his hips off the bed with a violent shudder and met Spike's rhythm with more gentle thrusts.

Spike reached a hand down to his own abandoned shaft and stroked it until he felt a small amount of his dead seed coat his fingers. He then raised his moist fingers to Angelus’ tight ring. Spike wasn't sure how far he'd get before Angelus knocked him off the bed, but he was going to see. He decided a beating would be worth feeling his Sire clamp down on his finger as he climaxed. He slowly circled over the puckered tissue. When he met no resistance Spike led his finger glide into his Sire. Angelus shifted his weight and thrust his hips down onto Spike's finger.

Angelus watched his gorgeous childe’s head suck on his now aching cock. He pressed his weight harder onto Spike's probing finger, feeling it nearly touch his prostate each time. “More.” He stated flatly and felt another finger enter him. He tried to relax his tight muscles as Spike stretched him and pressed deeper into him. This time he hit the prostate dead on. Angelus let a small shout escape his lips.

“William, William.” He repeated.

Spike continued to stretch his sire, adding a third finger to his rhythm. He ran more circles around Angelus' beautiful cock suckling lightly at the tip. Urged on by the writhing figure beneath him, Spike used his free hand to again stroke his own length, bringing it back to life. He then let his sire's shaft fall from his lips and slowly removed his fingers from their warm home. Spike bit into the meaty flesh of his thumb and continued to glide it along his shaft until it was glistening with blood. He pressed close to Angelus expecting his sire to flip him over and enter him hard for even thinking about taking him this way. But the blow did not come. Spike placed the head of his erection against his sire's entrance and pressed hard until only the tip had passed through the ring. He did not move. Spike caught Angelus' heavy lidded gaze and leaned in to kiss his full lips.

Angelus gave himself a chance to adjust to the new intrusion in his arse and then pulled Spike's face into a hard kiss. Spike's stomach rocked gently against his cock as they kissed and suddenly Angelus wanted more. He reached his arms around his childe’s hips and pulled him deeper into his channel, arching to meet the slow thrust that hit his prostate. The motion was gentle at first, but as Spike felt his sire relax he hardened his pace. He lifted his head from the kiss for a moment and nipped at Angelus’ nipples, taking the soft nubs into his mouth. He felt his sire clench harder onto his length. Spike leaned back and pulled nearly all the way out, letting more blood slide onto his cock before pressing further in. The freshly lubricated shaft resumed it's assault on Angelus' prostate gland forcing a whimpering sound from the larger vampire. Spike reached between them and took Angelus’ hardened cock into his hand, he took up a furious pace that matched his hard thrusts into his sire. Angelus was now thrusting his body completely off the bed with each stroke and grumbling in a tongue not known to man. He leaned up on his elbows to meet his childe with a kiss as he erupted, spraying his chest and that of his childe’s with his warm seed. The sight was more than Spike could take. He felt his shaft begin to pulsate within his sire, he took Angelus into a kiss again pressing deep his mouth with his tongue as his own orgasm filled his lover with a cool rush.

Spike rested his head against Angelus’ chest for a moment and then slowly pulled himself from his sire. He moved up the bed and rested his head on the pillow next to his lover's. Angelus pulled a cloth from a heap on the floor and began to wipe himself off.

“Let me.” said Spike. He then wiped off both men's chests and softly pulled at his now soft member wiping off the last remnants of blood and seed. Spent he laid his head back onto the pillow and shifted his weight so he could slide under the thick covers of the bed. Angelus did the same and wrapped his heavy leg around Spike's waist and threw his arm over the smaller vampire's chest. Spike let his hand come to rest on Angelus' thigh and fell asleep entangled with his sire.

“You are mine William.” Angelus breathed into his ear.

“Always Sire.”


As the large yeoman shoved Angelus into the dark stone hallway he finally caught sight of  Spike, three more yeoman had him pinned against a wall and were trying to shackle his wrists. Spike was thrashing around and cursing at them, but was losing the battle.

“We'd like a room with a large window, and in the morning I prefer cotlets to porridge, please advise the chef.” Angelus said as they got nearer to Spike and his captors.

“Oh to be sure sire, and should I have the chambermaid turn down your bed too?” The guard laughed.

They were led down a deep stairwell lit only by randomly placed torches. Angelus was careful to avoid the flames that licked out at him as a cool draft wafted up the stairwell. After several moments they reached a sub-level of the Tower. Several more guards were scattered throughout the cavernous room they had descended into. One of them gave a nod to the men and led them down a dark corridor.

Angelus looked to Spike again and noticed a glimmer of a smile. Looking around for what could be so amusing, he saw it. In one of the small rooms they had passed there was a long table laid out with a variety of tools for torture. There was a large iron branks, a metal cage-like devise that fit over the head with a gag that went into the mouth. A wooden wheel was tied to one wall, showing signs of dried blood from its last use.  Angelus’ eyes were drawn to an ornately decorated pear, one of his personal favorites. The devise looked like solid metal baton, but once inserted in the body it opened up like a tulip spreading it's victim wide. Angelus was pondering the Judas Cradle in the corner when one of the yeoman gave him a shove. Spike was also looking at the sharp wooden triangle beneath a webbing of chains and waist harnesses mounted to the walls of ceilings in the room.

“Wait, wait,” Spike chided, “I am sure we requested the finest room, now why can't we have it. Angelus, make them take us back.”

“Be still, boy.” Angelus warned. “We've only just arrived at Her Majesty's, we must bide our time until the tour begins.” He threw a conspiratorial glance at his Childe, which was Spike answered by licking his lips in anticipation.

“Have you a rack?” Spike asked the nearest guard.

“We haven't used the rack in nigh a century, but I'll be sure to pass your request onto the Master of Arms, he may be glad to have a go with you.”

“I'd be very much obliged, good man.” Spike received a forearm to the head for this remark, which only peaked his already excited state.

The group passed into another hall taking them deeper into the castle. At last they reached a row of dark cells. Each one had bore thick iron bars with a small opening for a door. On the ground was a large makeshift mattress, made of burlap which appeared to be stuffed with goose down and straw. The room was bare except the mattress and a chamber pot. Angelus began to laugh.

“Well, I guess it's a good thing we sent Darla and Dru on holiday, your lovely Sire would never stand for this sort of room.” Spike said.

The door to the cell was opened and the two vampires were shoved inside. The yeoman quickly shut and locked the gate. He then began to usher the other guards down the hall without a word.

“When will ye be sending our wake-up call?” Angelus shouted after them.

“In about a week, after you've starved to death.” Came the reply from around the corner, which was met with chuckles from the other men.

“Alone at last.” Spike looked over at Angelus who had perched his long body on one of the mattresses and was now leaning against a wall with a devious look on his face. “So how long do we wait?” They both stretched their arms at the same moment breaking the weak shackles on their wrists with a laugh.

“The passing of the keys ends at ten o'clock, after that no-one will be coming down here. We can enjoy ourselves thoroughly and slip out before sunrise.” Angelus purred.

“That implies there will be some slipping in then?” Spike purred back, crossing the small room to join his Sire on the mattress. Angelus ran his fingers through his Childe's short brown curls. Spike moved a hand slowly to his Sire's thigh, watching for a sign of disapproval. When none came Spike slid his hand higher up Angelus’ well-muscled leg, running soft circles over his soft leather breeches.

“Let us not forget why we're here, William.”

“Yes, Angelus, remind me why we have purposely gotten ourselves locked into the dungeon of the Tower of London, while I might add, Darla and Drusilla are in Spain for another four days.” Spike had now undone Angelus’ breeches and was stroking his hardened cock under the leather.

“My attempts to teach you how a Sire and Childe relationship should be carried out have gone a bit awry of late. So I've decided to take m’ Sire's advice and  give you a little history lesson.”

“ I remember this part well enough.” Spike hissed as he leaned over to take his Sire into his mouth.

“You always did remember this part.” Angelus laid back onto the lumpy mattress and let Spike bob up and down his length at a hurried pace. He reached his climax sooner than he anticipated and coated the back of his childe’s throat with his seed after only a few moments.

He had scarcely finished buckling his belt when he heard the yeoman ascend the stairs for the passing of the keys. The Tower would be locked down tight and all but a skeletal crew would be left on the grounds.

“There go the beefeaters.” Spike said as he stood and crossed the small cell. They waited a couple of minutes to be sure that the yeoman would be outside the gates and then both at once the vampires kicked the small gate breaking the iron lock.

“After you, Sire.” They left the cell and headed back down the dark corridor to the torture room. They looked up the corridor to be sure they weren't being watched. Angelus grabbed a torch from the wall and brought it inside the room and shut the door.

“Oh look Daddy, a rack! Can I, Can I?” Spike shook his hands with glee in imitation of his dark goddess.

“Knock it off you git.” Angelus took his arm sharply and threw him onto a long table in the center of the room and shackled his limbs. “Such a waste to have all of these beautiful toys just on display for the gawkers.”

Spike looked around the room and wondered if he would live to regret letting Angelus talk him into this little game. He wasn't really as eager a victim as Drusilla. Dru had cried when they had left Yorkshire in such a hurry and Darla had told Angelus there wasn't time to pack his favorite toys. Yet Drusilla had managed to pack her dolls, Spike remembered. He decided, for the first time ever, he agreed with Grand mummy, the cat-o-nine tails could just stay in Yorkshire.

“Ready, lover?” Angelus grinned holding up the pear, snapping it open as if to emphasize his evil designs on Spike's arse.

“Umm” was his only answer.


The great escape from the Tower had proven too easy to warrant the title of adventure. They had slipped out a window, jumped the Tower green and strolled off like a pair of right tourists. Although in retrospect the jump had been a little hard for Spike who had been stretched, poked and beaten for nearly five hours at the hands of Angelus, who was by no means an amateur. His place as childe had been instilled in his mind quite well by his sire.

After a few more days of quiet bliss in the house Spike began to miss Drusilla. Angelus came to him a couple more times, but always in an act of dominance. When they hunted together it was a constant conversation of “William, don't chew your food.” and “William, one bite is usually enough.” and “William, must I arm you with a bib each time we leave the house?”

By the time Darla and Dru had returned, which ended up being two months not two weeks, Angelus and Spike were settled into a routine. They hunted, they shagged, they slept. There was very little talking between them, but it was a comfortable silence. Darla seemed pleased with Spike's progress, she rarely referred to him as fledgling, he was still idiot, but rarely half-wit. Drusilla was beside herself that her Spike and Angel had gotten on so well.

“I told you daddy loved you.” She would coo to him each night as they made love. Spike let himself enjoy the temperate life London afforded them. Maybe a little too much, but he didn't care. And then one day Darla got a bug up her arse and just before dawn on a Tuesday she announced they were leaving for Budapest the next night. They had packed their bag traveled across Europe for six days and arrived in Hungary, just in time for an earthquake.


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