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Horrid Schmoop
By the author formerly known as Tania
Summary: This is what happens when writer's block hits: It's called horrid for a reason and is here to humble me. Set in Romania.

I wish you knew how to taste the dawn coming. I wish you were old enough to smell the subtle scent of dew evaporating and fresh green earth rearing its head to the coming sun. I wish I could teach you how to know how many minutes you have left to hunt safely, just how many droplets of blood you can let roll down your throat before you must abandon your eveningís meal and find shelter. I wish I could show you in the moments we have left how to survive the centuries and all the changes we will witness during our lives. I wish I had a way to make technology stop and the world stay as it is, a place where wood and fire and the interminable sun are the only things that dare mar your perfect skin.

I wish the burning in my chest werenít so blinding that I had to look away one last time and say goodbye from the edge of a foreign wood.

But then creatures like us donít deserve wishes to be fulfilled, and this is it. This is goodbye, my wild William. I wish it werenít but at least I will never have to smell sun burnt flesh in the early morning hours reminding me that there are never enough days left to teach you all that you must know.