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Title: I Know Just How You Feel
Author: Tania
Summary: Angel has one more person to tell about Cordelia's death.

“What exactly are we doing here?” Spike asks, taking in the Spanish style apartment. He knows he’s been here before but can’t really remember why.

“It was Cordelia’s apartment.” Angel says, parking the car in the shadows, close enough to see in the windows. Still vacant.

“Thought all her worldlies were still in storage.”

“They are. Get out.” Angel presses the auto unlock, and opens the door, the rush of cold morning air sending goosebumps up his spine.

Spike stands back as Angel knocks on the door. “Don’t think anyone’s home.” Spike says, thinking he’s stating the obvious.

“Just one person,” Angel says when the door opens just a crack. “Dennis?”

The door opens wider, air pulling Angel inside like a greeting. Spike waits on the doorstep for a beat, but then enters. No barrier.

There are a few covered chairs inside, small table, everything else is covered in white cloth, months of dust collected in the soft creases.

“Wasn’t sure if you’d know when she went,” Angel stammers, speaking to the room. “I thought I should come tell you in person.”

The air swirls around them, growing colder, faster.

“I know,” Angel says. “I miss her too.”

Spike doesn’t say a word, doesn’t understand why Angel brought him along, but takes the car keys from his hand all the same. When they turn to leave the room seems to hold them still, not wanting to let them out, but after a soft goodbye from Angel they are released, but behind them Spike thinks a tornado is brewing.

When a small end table flies through the window, he thinks he’s right, and suddenly he understands what Angel feels like inside and why he brought Spike with him.