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Title: Knowing the Question
Author: Tania
Summary: Lar wanted Angel/Wes pre-season 4.
Rating: PG

"Itís been a while since you made us all breakfast," Wesley said from the doorway. Disheveled shirt unbuttoned, exposing just enough stubbled skin to make Angel look away.

"Seemed as good an excuse as any."

"Excuse?" Wesley asked, stepping further into the kitchen to inspect the various meats frying in the skillet.

"To get you away from your desk." Angel poked at the sizzling links, desperately focusing on the smell coming from the stove and not the faint aroma of cologne splashed on days before but not quite gone. "Ever since Darla came and..." His words trailed off, leaving a lifetimeís worth of regret in the air.

"There are," Wesley paused, "questions to be answered."

"Always." Angel agreed, pulling the skillet from the burner and backing away as the hot grease popped in a final protest.

"His birth, itís just so," again Wes stalled for the right words.

"Will you know when youíve found the answer?" Angel didnít wait for an answer, simply turned to face Wes for the first time since heíd entered the room, "Do you need me to ask the question for you?"

"If you know what I should be looking for, I suppose," Wesley stopped when he saw the look of despair on the other manís face.

"Would you leave hope of finding love behind to keep one person safe? If you knew you had the power to do it?"

"If I knew, with certainty? Yes, I would."

"And so the question is?"

"Can we be packed and gone before the others notice?"

"The answers are never in the books are they?"

"Not the hard ones, no."