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Title: Moving On
Author: Tania
Summary: Spike looks for a spell at the Magic Box, and ends up only finding solace.Spike POV
Spoilers: Major Entropy
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Anya/Spike (Buffy/Spike implied)
Distribution: , Anywhere else, just let me know where it's going
Feedback: Please, this is my first Spike/Anya fic.

Moving On by Tania

It was overly dramatic, yeah, I know. She's turned me into a bloody drama queen. Well, maybe not a queen, can I be a drama king? Where was I? Oh yeah, broken glass. Well I'm sure the wall did something to deserve it. I mean, how many times did I shag the Slayer right against that wall, and did it ever warn me? I think not. It could have said ‘Hey, Captain Peroxide, the bint is just going to break your heart, possibly literally.’ So now what? Guess I go get another bottle, not terribly keen on licking the stuff off the wall, so yeah, another bottle.

Keys? Keys? Ok, so we're walking, not far, might even get a chance to scare somebody on the way over. Crap, too late for any hard stuff, so beer then. Beer's good, maybe good isn't quite the word I'm looking for. Might be able to find some decent import at that trendy place on Rivelo. Sure, I'll just wander up Rivelo, maybe take a peek in the Slayer’s window, chat up the little bit, watch some god awful sitcom or teen drama, or not. Think Spike, there's got to be something you can do that does not involve Slayer stalking.

We'll just take a little walk, clear the mind, maybe head for the slaughter house, catch the evening show, grab a pint of...pig’s blood. Not as appealing as it ought to be. Time for some serious thinking, maybe the magic shop. Okay, so that's the plan, magic shop. Spell. Maybe something really gruesome. I'll make her fall in love with the soldier boy all over again, or maybe the great pouf. Not really the sunshine and roses sort of romantic gesture she'll be looking for. So something for me then. I'll just walk right up these steps and see... bloody Cecily sitting with Anya. Bloody perfect.

"Hey, I need a thing." Vague enough for you? Try not to look at the evil vengeance demon, try not to look at...

"So, what's your pleasure?"

"Fresh out of pleasure, that's why I'm here. I need something, numbing spell or something." Yeah, an anti-lusting Red called it once. I'm sure she could have done it, if I hadn’t been quite so desperate to get Drusilla back. Great, thinking of Dru, that ought to end well.

Oh, what's she got to talk to her for, vengeance demons really aren't good for anything, oh sure, they'll shoot you down, tell you you're beneath them, get you all knackered up, send you out for a walk with a bleeding word like effulgent in your head, where you'll walk straight into the arms of a black goddess with blood red fingernails and...

"Tata." Oh was that to me. Um yep, they're looking at me.

"Sorry to bust up your little girls night out." With the evil demon bitch. Heh. Never much bothered by the evil part, in fact she has still got a nice...

"That's ok, I'm ready to do some business." Wow, does she always look this good, nah, must just be the red dress. Dru used to wear red a lot, oh, ugh, so did Darla now that I think about it. Let's put that thought on the back burner, shall we?  

"Right then. Got something that'll dull the ache a little bit?" Like a wooden stake?

"Actually yes. Giles left a couple of supplies here that I think just might help. Eases the hurt, makes the sunshine a little brighter, makes boring people more interesting." Yep, Giles, sunshine, boring, I'm with you so far.

"Ah here." Looks like I'm getting that drink after all. I like this woman so much! And the bottle's almost full, gotta love that sodding Irish ingenuity, when all else fails, make whiskey.

"So, are you going to pour, or should I?" Not quite the disenchantment I was looking for, but the spell can wait. Might even take a bit of the burn out of the whole process. Well, looks like Anya’s pouring. "You going to join me, or just play bartender."

"I'm in, just gotta find a. second. glass." Now why couldn't the glass've been on this side of the counter. Do that bendy thing again. "Here we go."

Now we're getting somewhere. Two shot glasses, one fairly large bottle of Jack Daniel's. Let the games begin.

"So, what happened to make you need the numbing? I mean, I know what my problem is, with the whole being left at the altar, being humiliated in front of our friends, having the Cathrar demons eating the presents before they had even hatched. Xander just left, then he came back and beheaded the evil demon guy, well smashed his head at least, and then he still didn’t want to marry me. But you? You I don't get, I heard you had a lovely sex partner at my not-wedding."

"Um, yeah, the snog-partner, she just didn’t work out. I mean it worked out once, but I worked it back in." Okay, no response. "I told her I loved her, that it was the real thing, that I would never hurt her. So then, this girl,  says ‘real for you’." So, I told her to get out, threw my last decent shot of bourbon against the bleedin’ wall and here I am.

"Right, but getting back to Xander."

"Xander." Pillock. "Let's not waste any more breath on that wanker."

"But, he made a fool of me, and nobody seems to care enough to do anything." Her eyes are so lovely, brown, I think brown. Oh, my turn.

"I care, what he done to you, I'd never stoop that low, and I'm an evil soulless thing, according to some people." Who shall remain nameless, but that someday are going to very sorry they messed with William the Bloody.

"Shouldn't he pay? Don't you wish he had to pay in some horrible way?" She really is stunning, wish she'd stop cutting her hair though, must be a scorned woman thing.

"Absolutely, take him on myself, if it wasn't for my little handicap." I clocked him in the head with a big bell once, that felt good, knocked him clean unconscious, I did.

"Right, so hypothetically, what do you wish you could do to him?" Oh let me count the ways I could disembowel him.

"You name it, Pet. You're the wronged party." Oh I like that smile. Let's think of something, torture maybe. "Somethin’, eh’ gruesome how bout?" Dismemberment, leeches. Leeches are really quite good at a number of things.

"Like what?" Oh aren't we eager?

"Well, wishing’s all well and good Anya, but I can't really go into this too much. Gets the juices flowing, I get a little cagey when I start picturing Xander chained to a tree with bugs crawling out of his parts."

"Okay, now we're getting somewhere, bugs crawling, don't you wish."

"Would have been easier if you'd just stayed a demon, eh love?" Well, sometimes it's easier, still all demon here, a little, um, tamed. No I'm not tamed, I could be unleashed at any moment. Speaking of unleashed, her glass is a bit low. Oh look, mine is too, lucky coincidence.

"Thing about it was, none of this was my idea, I didn’t ask to be human." Is she pouting, oh, I like that too, maybe a little salt in that wound.

"Right, and I didn’t ask for this bloody chip in my head." Asked for some blood that didn’t pop out of the ceiling and a room with a view, but no chip.

"To tell you the truth, all I wanted was to use him and lose him. I hadn’t had a good tumble in a thousand years." Gee she's older than Darla, she's four times as old as the pouf. That's some notches on the belt. Wonder what her trade was before D’Hoffryn got her.

"Me too! The using part. I just wanted to know what I was missing. Move on." Tasted two slayers, had to shag one, just once, while she was still breathing at least.

"Yeah and he was all bumpy in the right places, and nice to me." Oh yeah, he was a regular prince with that annoying ‘Ahn’ noise he was always making. Unlike, of course the ever pleasant Slayer.

"She was so raw, I've never felt anything like it." Well, not entirely true, Dru was exceedingly fond of using her nails, too.

"Next thing you know, I'm changing to please him, I care, if he cares." Yep, trying to act like a watered down ponce, drinking cold blood, keeping chocolate mocha fudge ice cream in the fridge.


"And I'm off my guard." Yes. "Happy, singing in the shower, doing my sexy dance."

"Exactly." Wait huh? "I have...No Dance." Well, it's more of a wiggle than a dance.

"I love him so much, but I'm so mad that I don't even want to have sex with him. Me! I don't want sex, with Xander." This is a development. Ah, lovely shots, line ‘em up, love.

"Well, they can just sod off."

"Screw ‘em."

"To the rafters."

"I did everything for that man, was it ever enough?"

"Never! I was always going above and beyond. I saved the scoobies how many times, and I can't stand the lot of you." Ungrateful brats.

"Me either. I hate us! Everybody's so nice. No body says what's on their mind."

"You do. That's why you're the only one of them I wouldn't bite if I had the chance." Unless Xander was about to walk in. And then it would almost be worth taking a punch to see his face.


"Absolutely! I have nothing but respect for a woman who's forthright. Drusilla was always straight forward." Ah, Drusilla, with your nails so long and your blouse so tight. "Didn't have a single buggering clue about what was going on in front of her, but she was straight about it. That was a virtue." Thou shalt not covet thy Sire's bed wasn't such a virtue, but not casting stones.

"Xander didn’t think so, he thought I was rude."

"That's because he's one of them, uptight." Little corkscrew motion, hand motions always help. "Repressed." Sodding ponce always was in need of a right shagging.

"You think?" Oh yes, too much.

"Please, it's no wonder they couldn't deal with the likes of you and me love." I like that, you and me and my friend Jack. "We should have been dead hundreds of years ago, and we're the only ones who are really alive."

"Spike, I don't feel alive anymore."

"Oh, don't say that. You are more alive than me." Crap, empty.

"Ladies Last."

"Thank you." It's just a drink, but okay.

"Take it quick or my chivalry will run out." Oh, where did that hand on my knee come from. I'm so glad she has no concept of personal space.

"No, thank you, this is the first time since." Uh oh, tears coming right up. "It feels good to be with someone who understands."

"Intimately." Deeply, painfully, like a night of torture without the tongue bath and make up sex.

"This whole time I've been coming on all hell-bent and mad."

"Yeah." Rage is good, oh yeah, cursing, there is going to be some cursing tonight.

"Wanting his head, when really, I can't sleep at night. Thinking that it has to be my fault somehow." Ah, tears, as foretold.

"Sshhh." Oh she has such a soft cheek.

"He's just pretending, what if he never wanted me the way I wanted him. Oh I'm sorry." Her soft cheeks. Oh I love the way her curls bounce when she sways her head, like. No! Not thinking about the Slayer.

"Now, now. He would have to be more than just the git he is Anya. He'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to want a woman like you." I could rest my forehead against hers for hours. Such nice breath, a twinge of whiskey and coffee.

"Then why?"

"The two of them, they're weak is all." The whole lot of them are weak when they aren't traveling as a pack. "But, I'll tell you what though. They're going to miss the water now the well's run dry." I could run my fingers through this hair all night.

"Too hot to handle."

"Too hot?" Guess the temperature is rising a bit in here. Oh bloody hell, that's not the temperature, it's the thermometer.

"Um, just one question."

"MMM." So soft.

"Can I see your sexy dance?"

"I'll show you mine." If you show me yours, I've got all night, and your mouth is so...

"Wait, wait." No, I don't want to wait. "What are we doing?"

"Moving on." She is so warm, and this dress, is that silk? There's no, no bra under here. I like that. No don't pull away.

"You know I'm only doing this because I'm lonely and drunk and you smell really good." Glad I used the berry soap not that musky crap I took from the boy's place.

"See forthright." She is so light. Wait, no not light, she just isn't forcing herself down on me. Okay, I'm in charge. That's different. I mean nice, no great. I shouldn't let a woman dominate me in the first place. Where am I going to set her down? Oh right, table. Good bye Griffon's Handbook for Vengeance hello pledge waxed table.

Red dress just had to go. Yes, over the head, oh lace, much better than those cotton action jobs the Slayer wears. No not the Slayer, Anya, solace, in Anya, yes, in Anya. Being in Anya is new. This ought to sour Xander up a bit. Not thinking of Xander while shagging Anya. Not doing this for vengeance, not for vengeance. Just for that sensation, so warm, so much better than a numbing spell. Forget the spell. Forget Buffy. Not Buffy, only Anya. Moving On. Moving On. And we're almost there. Moving On together.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhnyaaaaaaaaaaa." Well at least I got that part right. Wish she would say something. No of course, I don't. What would she say. Nothing to say. We've already moved on. No going back now. Just on. On to an empty crypt and an... Axe swinging at my head.

Great, leave it to Xander. Shoulda gone for a walk down Rivelo Drive. At least then it would have been her doing the punching and the, OW! What do you mean like Everest. She didn’t have to do it, she wanted to do it. You tell him Anya.

Yeah, tell her she makes you sick, that'll win her back you git.

"It's good enough for Buffy." Damned all. Was hoping Red would've been here for that, oh well, two's better than none. No, not better. Just wanted to move on.

"Bloody Xander, always mucking things up. You know I wish.."


I wish I'd just let Cecily, Halfrek, whatever, finish the job a hundred and twenty-two years ago.


Copyright Tania 2002
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