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Title: Moving On - The Redux
Author: Tania
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This takes place mere seconds after the end of The Girl in Question, because no way was I leaving that scene alone, nope not me.

"So we just have to move on?"

"Yep. Move on."

"Okay, starting now."

"Me too."

Angel stared at Spike for a moment, waiting for him to leave the office.

"Arenít you going?"

"Going where?"

"I figured you would move on, you know, somewhere else."

"Havenít you ever moved on before?"

"Well, not really, Iím more of a brooder."

"Itís not that hard."

"Oh, and I guess youíre going to show me how?"

"Well, Iíve done it once before. I can show you how if you want."

"Alright, I guess. How do we start?"

"Like this..." Spike grabbed Angelís hand and pulled it closer, letting his fingers slide over the thin material of his t-shirt.

"Me touching your shirt?"

"No, you git, like this..."

Angelís eyes widened as Spikeís tongue forced its way past his lips and the force of his kiss nearly knocked Angel back onto the desk.

"Hey," Angel protested, wrestling his hand from under Spikeís replacement jacket, "What are you doing?"

"Moving on," Spike answered, leaning forward to kiss Angel again.

"I donít think this is what I had in mind," Angel breathed into the kiss.

"This is what moving on is."

"Kissing on a desk?"

"Well usually itís sex on a table, but at least there are cameras watching, so I mean, all the other components are there."

"Okay, if you say so," Angel kissed Spike back, pulling him onto the desk completely.

"I do."

"Are we missing anything?" Angel asked as he pulled his shirt over his head and helped Spike follow suit.

"Do you have a jealous ex or not-quite-girlfriend that could try to behead me when weíre done?"

"I could call Nina?"

"Well, you donít have to, but thatís usually part of the moving on process, because you know that it only works if everyone knows we had sex."

Angel gave an agreeing nod and pressed the call button on the phone. "Harmony?"

"Yeah boss?"

"Spike and I are moving on."

"Yeah whatever. Freaks."

Satisfied with her reply Angel released the button and then dropped his trousers to the floor.

"That should be sufficient." Spike said as his pants hit the carpet.

"Whatís the next part of your plan?"

"I bend you over the desk."

"Not happening."

"Okay, fine. Do you have any lube?"

"I think weíre lubed enough or we wouldnít be doing this."

"Me too. And by the way, fabulous idea skipping the mini-bar and going straight for the grown up sized bottles."

"Thanks, I thought it was inspired. Ready?"

"When ever you are."

"Okay, letís move on," Angel pressed forward and smiled at the camera in the corner as Spike winced beneath him and gave a wave.