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My Angel

Written 10/23/03

My Angel flushed when Spike called him Liam.

Was unapologetic for it.

Wasn't lying when he said he liked Spike's poetry.

Is pretty sure no one else knows he still wrote poetry after being turned.

Not even Dru.

Still believes he's going to hell.

Hopes Spike isn't.

Thinks Spike is.

Wanders to the basement several times a week to see if Pavayne is still screaming.

Punches the wall when he isn't.

Doesn't understand why Fred is helping Spike.

Doesn't really care how much it costs.

Wishes Spike came to him first.

Cried when Spike knocked on his door.

Isn't sure he would have the same strength were their situations reversed.

Is glad they aren't.

Hardly thinks about Connor anymore.

Until Spike asks him what he's thinking.

Lies to Spike.

Is sorry.

Wishes Spike had met Connor.

Thinks of them as brothers.

Is thankful Dru hasn't come back to LA.

Misses her anyway.

Hopes Buffy never comes back.

Knows she will.

Knows Spike is better for her.

Will still fight for her.

Will lose.