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My QaF boys - Michael  Brian  Justin

 My Michael

Doesn't notice when he's being cruised at Babylon

Because he is watching Brian

Knew he would cry on his 30th birthday

Didn't know Brian would be the cause

Can't wait to be a father

Is scared that Gus will be his child's brother

Knows he'll never have a Christmas where Brian isn't there

Is glad

Is envious of Justin's talent

Is more envious of Justin's relationship with Brian

Remembers what life was like at 19 with Brian

Knows someday Ben will get sick

Fears he will too

Thinks of David every time his back hurts

Takes a bump right away

Wants to keep Hunter safe

Hates Ben for making him care about a hustler

Wouldn't have Ben any other way

Cried the whole way out of Pittsburgh

Misses his mother's cooking

And her wardrobe

Sits in the Vet and breathes deeply

Loves the smell of Brian

Wants to go home.

 My Brian

Doesn't do boyfriends

Would stop trying if Justin left again

Misses his office

Misses the power

Doesn't miss trying to sell products to women 25-34

Calls Ben everyday to ask about Michael

Is rude to him

Likes Justin's mother

Told her that once

Loves Debbie

Tells her more often now

Will never speak to his mother again

Bought the vagina statue at the art show

Mailed it to his sister with a one word note


Still hasn't washed the scarf with Justin's blood on it

Never will

Meant it when he told Emmett to move on

Likes unapologetic queens

Slept with Lindz three times

Knows Melanie suspects

Loves Gus enough to never tell her

Is glad he has a boyfriend.

 My Justin

Knows that someday Brian will fuck Michael

Isn't Jealous

Knows it's the only way he can show love

Misses art school

Can't wait to go back

Will have to wait until he can pay for it himself

Doesn't know when that will be

Sketches Brian almost every day

Usually when he is sleeping

Saves the non-nudes for Gus

Opens the comic shop everyday

For Michael

Was annoyed by Hunter

Loved Brian more after meeting him

Hasn't had a trick since the election

Has become the best homosexual he can be

Still believes in love

Regrets going to the equipment room that day

Blames himself for Brian coming to the prom

Wishes he hadn't invited him

Would have cried all night if he hadn't come

Would have fucked Daphne in anger

Is glad he didn't

Still has two tickets to the bahamas in his possession

And a crown he never wears

Even when Brian asks

Thinks Brian is a white knight

Still wonders where's a good place to go

Thinks he found it.