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New Year's Resolutions
By Tania
Rating: PG
Summary: The Angel Inc. team has some resolutions.
Notes: Inspired by a thread at

Spike - I will stop waiting in the parking garage for Angel and then pretending I have nothing better to do, I will not look at Angel naked, I will not wait in his bedroom knowing he will be naked, I will not peek around this corner slowly so I can catch a glimpse of my sire naked.

Angel - I will not walk into the bedroom topless even though I know Spike is waiting there, I will not pretend Spike isn't welcome in my bedroom, I will get a hair cut and stop pretending I'm making a remake of the remake of planet of the apes, no really, I will not walk around the apartment naked.

Wesley - I will not remember what it felt like when Angel fed from me, I will not picture the hunger in his eyes just before he clamped down, I will not remember dancing around like a nonce when he said I could come back, I will not play with the scar on my forearm tracing over the perfectly jagged bite marks.

Lorne - I will stop picturing the movie of Spike and Angel's lives in my head, I will stop calling Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, I will not ask them to do lunch with me again, I will let the plot die on the drawing board, I will stop asking Spike if he was attracted to Johnny Depp in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, I will stop asking Angel if he thinks elves are sexy.

Gunn - I will stop listening at the door of Wesley's office before I enter, I will stop wondering what that scar feels like, I will stop trying to talk with a lawyer's vocabulary just because I know Wesley likes it, I will stop mentioning the fact that we have both stopped shaving with a razor, I will stop picturing blue eyes everytime I close my own.

Fred - I will stop pretending that I don't love the fact that the men around me are completely gay.