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Title: No Invitation Required
Author: Tania
Summary: Lindsey still hasn't changed the locks.
Pairing: Angel/Lindsey

There’s no knock at the door, he just barges in like he’s entitled. Lindsey isn’t really surprised, knew he’d be back as soon as Darla ran away. She hadn’t come here yet, but Lindsey was still expecting that too.

“You didn’t uninvited me.” Angel said, all statement.

“Didn’t seem necessary.” Lindsey says as he rises from the couch, muscles tense beneath his clothes, awaiting the attack.

“Really,” Angel says, each syllable bringing him closer, “you bring her back like that, human, dying, and you think you’re safe from me?”

“Safe never figured into the equation with us, did it?” Lindsey asks, wondering if Angel came here to kill him, and then wondering if he even cares.

“Don’t know about safe, but hadn’t really pegged you for suicidal.” Angel’s shoes nearly touch Lindsey’s bare toes he’s so close now.

“You won’t kill me,” Lindsey says, convinced now that if Angel had come to kill him he’d already be dead, or at the very least on the floor.

“Won’t I?” Angel asks, mouth barely moving, hands already working Lindsey’s buckle, zipper down, pool of denim around his ankles.

“Not today.” Lindsey smiles, bends himself over the arm of the couch, muffles his own laughter in a throw pillow as he hears Angel’s belt jangle softly against the carpet.

“Not today.” Angel agrees.