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  • A Day in the Life of Amy the Rat - G - So much activity in a day, yet Amy stands still.
  • Angel

  • 25 Days to Sri Lanka - PG - Angel POV, Angel tries to find peace. Set between The Gift/There's no Place Like Plrtz Glrb and Heartthrob.
  • And I Run - PG - (written with Josey)  Angel, Wesley, Oz, Riley, Giles, Xander, Spike. Seven men, seven urges to run away.
  • Angel, 1943 - R - Somehow *pissed* didn't seem to cover it.
  • Angel's Mistake - PG - Post-NFA, facing an apocalypse everyone wonders if they made a mistake.
  • Arbiter - PG - A drabble written for the Open_on_Sunday group on Live Journal.
  • Baby Kisses - PG - Angel season 3 POV, the topic was food.
  • Doorway Drabbles - PG-13, Angel Season 3, Spike Season 6.
  • Evidence - G - Angel looks for evidence of his existence.
  • Finally - PG - Angel POV, An unspoiled look at how I'd like to see Angel end.
  • Five Senses - PG - Angel POV, Five ways Angel was aware of Spike's return.
  • Hopeful - PG - Angel, eventually he'll start keeping score again.
  • I Know Just How You Feel - PG - Angel has one more person to tell of Cordelia's death.
  • Ice Dancing - PG - Angel POV - The guilt of the vampire compared to the guilt of the father…they aren’t in the same league.
  • Just as Soon - PG - Angel, season five, post-Shells. I'm all out of pep talks.
  • Just Sometimes - PG - Angel POV, season five. Sometimes it all makes sense.
  • My Angel - PG - A list originally posted on LJ.
  • New Year's Resolutions - The Angel Inc. team has some resolutions.
  • The Dismantling - G - In between Cordelia’s rescue and Buffy’s death a lot happened, and if you blinked, you missed it.
  • Time Intangible - PG-13 - Angel in Hell.
  • Unintentional Confessions - R - Angel season five.


  • Melting - PG - Angel/Buffy - Written for the 'food' drabble challenge.
  • Wandering in Aquamarine - R - Angel/Spike, Angel/Buffy, Angelus/William - Even years later Angel can't help but wander into the past, where blue eyes clash with green for his attention.


  • Fire Building - PG-13 - Angel/Darla, set during Dear Boy.
  • Midnight Excursions - R - Darla/Angel - Darla never worked for W&H, or anyone but herself.


  • Second to the Last Stop - R - Giles/Angel - Angel has one more price to pay.


  • Very Giving - R - Angel/Lilah - During "Rain of Fire" Angel goes to get information from Lilah, and later tells Wesley she was "very giving", here’s why.


  • Daddy Issues - PG - Angel/Lindsey, we all strike the belt a little differently.
  • Getting the Joke - PG-13 - Angel/Lindsey - Sometimes all you can do is laugh.
  • new ficMoving Expenses - Angel/Lindsey - Lindsey's apartment was empty, but then he never called it home.
  • No Invitation Required - R - Angel/Lindsey - Lindsey still hasn't changed the locks.
  • Seven Days in September - PG-13 - Angel/Lindsey - It's never easy keeping a secret.
  • Therapy - R - Angel/Lindsey - Angel's thoughts come through in 64 bits.


  • 12 Days of Christmas - A smutty retelling, Spike & Angel style.
  • A New Trick - PG-13 - Sometimes the only thing you need is a touch of something real.
  • Afflictions - R - Angel/Spike - post Pangs, an experiment is tested and smut ensues.
  • Aftermath - PG - William still has much to learn.
  • Asphyxiation - PG-13 - Angel/Spike - The rescue never goes as planned.
  • Battered Wife - PG - 100 words, post-Destiny.
  • Bondage Fun - PG-13 - Angel/Spike, Post-NFA icon based drabble.
  • Changes so Fast - PG - Angel/Spike - A Post-Not Fade Away ficlet, living forever hurts.
  • Coming Home - PG - Angel/Spike - Set Post-NFA, eventually you have to return to the scene of the crime.
  • Dead Wait - NC-17 - Angel/Spike - post Dead Things, it's not always about love.
  • Depressed There - R - Angel/Spike - Angel always remembers his time in Montana with a little smile, even though he was depressed there.
  • Ensouled - NC-17- Angel/Spike, Angelus/William, Wesley/Lilah, Buffy/Spike implied, Angel/Darla implied - Written in the summer between Angel's third and fourth seasons. Spike comes to LA looking for Angel, together they try and figure out what it means to be Ensouled.
  • Epiphany the Second - R - Spike/Angel, an April Fool's ficlet.
  • Familiar Role - R - Spike/Angel, a post You're Welcome story written for the S/A Ficathon.
  • new ficIn Defense of Mistletoe - PG - Angel/Spike - Post NFA, clinging to life is hardest when you're already dead.
  • Just Drive - R - Angel/Spike, written for the fantasy challenge on slashthedrabble.
  • Just Like Old Times - PG-13 - An Angel/Spike future fic, written with Estepheia.
  • Lacuna - R - Angel/Spike - post The Initiative, we all have empty spaces to fill.
  • Mirrors to the Soul - R - In Angel's eyes Spike finds something new.
  • Misinterpreted - G - Angel/Spike - Sometimes Spike just hears what he wants to.
  • Moment of Zen - PG-13 - Spike & Angel - Mondays are boring, Jon Stewart is full of funny mojo even vampires can appreciate.
  • Mostly Unneeded - PG-13 - Spike POV Ats Season Five, Alone is rarely comforting.
  • Mourning - R - Angel/Spike - Set after You're Welcome, Spike sees Angel comfort everyone, save one.
  • Moving On - The Redux - PG-13 - A ficlet taking place mere seconds after the final scene in The Girl in Question.
  • My Favorite Mistake - PG - Angel/Spike - Set Post-A Hole in the World
  • Oblation - NC-17 - Angel/Spike - post School Hard, Oblation: A sacrifice made for pious reasons.
  • Once a Yoko - NC-17 - Spike/Angel - Post 'The Yoko Factor' Angel comes to Spike to make sure Buffy will be ok when he's gone, a bath scene short of a PWP. (rewritten 2/6/04)
  • One Moment - R - Angel/Spike - The real life-changing moments are never planned.
  • Pacing - PG - Spike/Angel  - Every phase of life has it's own pacing.
  • Patience - R - Angelus/William - Every night Spike waits for words that never come.
  • Pinch Me - R - Angel/Spike - A Post-NFA Shanshu Tale, of sorts.
  • Planetesimal - R - Angel/Spike - Post-A Hole in the World, 4 Hours on a plane, nine constellations, way too much alcohol.
  • Promethean Quadrille - NC-17 - Angel/Spike - Set post-In the Dark, Spike wants to say thank you, but there's only one sound Angel wants to hear.
  • Proof - NC-17 - Angel/Spike - post Damage, No healing happens overnight.
  • Reviewing the Classics - R - Angel/Spike, tea time was never so much fun.
  • Ritual - PG - Angel/Spike - A/S in Iambic Pentameter? You betcha.
  • Rituals - R - Angel/Spike - Every night I save you. Set in AtS Season five.
  • Royal Albert Hotel - PG-13 - William a few days after his turning.
  • See no Evil, Speak no Evil - NC-17 - Angel/Spike - post Hush, if silence is golden is blindness silver?
  • Shell Shocked - NC-17 - Angel/Spike - Post Shelled, When you have nowhere to go everywhere feels like home.
  • Speechless - NC-17 - Angel/Spike - Post Lover's Walk, Spike left something behind.
  • Splinter - R - Angel/Spike - post Soul Purpose, Kissing the boss' ass has never been more fun.
  • Spoils - NC-17 - Angel/Spike - post Destiny, To the Victor go the spoils.
  • Still Ensouled - NC-17 - Angel/Spike, Angelus/Spike, Wesley/Lilah - The sequel, written over the course of Season four. Angel and Spike spend the year trying to hang on to their souls, and each other.
  • Too Many Ways - PG - Angel/Spike - Post NFA, The hardest part of being human is knowing all of the ways you can die.
  • The Fine Print - PG - Angel/Spike - A ficlet involving sheep, I shit you not.
  • The Myth of the Never-Changing Vampire - PG-13 - Angel/Spike - Truthfully, everything changes.
  • The Search for Clear Sky - PG - Angel/Spike - They don't know what they're looking for, but they seek it all the same.
  • Two Out of Four - NC-17 - Angel/Spike, Wesley/Lindsey, Fanged Four - The Sequel to Still Ensouled. The Angel Inc. team adjusts to life at Wolfram and Hart and a series of disturbing dreams telling them that all is not well in their ivory tower. WIP.
  • View From a Vespa - PG - A Drabble written based on the Promo for TGIQ.
  • Wandering in Aquamarine - R - Angel/Spike, Angel/Buffy, Angelus/William - Even years later Angel can't help but wander into the past, where blue eyes clash with green for his attention.
  • Welter - R - Angel/Spike - post-There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb, It's not so much mourning as wallowing.
  • Whispers of Stone - PG - Spike/Angel - Beginnings, Endings, and a return to the primitive.


  • Intrinsically Cubist - Spike/Angel/Drusilla - Sometimes desire takes on whatever form is closest.


  • Different Now - PG - Spike/Angel/Ethan, when times get desperate so do heroes.


  • Unexpected - PG - Spike/Angel/Illyria - Post Not Fade Away.


  • Casual Observance - G - Puppet!Angel/Wesley - You know what they say about those who carry a big stick...
  • Don't Smile - PG - Wes, Angel, we all wish we'd had one moment of perfect happiness.
  • Servitude - PG - Angel/Wesley - After the fire, Angel is still afraid of getting burned.
  • The Last Bit of Hope - PG - Angel POV, Sense memory is tied to deserted buildings and dead friends.


  • Indulgence - PG - Angel/Willow - Set during Graduation Day Part 2.
  • Play Nice - PG - Angel/Willow - Set Post-Not Fade Away, how long does it take to trust someone again.
  • Truly Forbidden - PG-13 - Angel/Willow. Written as a request, set during season two of Buffy.


  • When He Was Bad - R - Angel/Xander - Set during When She Was Bad, Xander needs some alone time, the Bronze may not be the best place to find it.


  • Alone at Last - R - Every hunt must end eventually.
  • Faintest Breeze - R - Angelus/Darla (written with Josey) Just a steamy little drabble.
  • Madrid, 1853 - R - Angelus/Darla - The bastard caught me sleeping.
  • Showing Him the World - PG - Angelus/Darla - There was no such thing as a quiet trip with Angelus
  • new ficTaught - PG-13 - Angelus/Darla - Always on the chase, many lessons to learn. .
  • The First Day - PG-13 - Liam/Darla - No one's personality is formed in a day.
  • Vienna - R - Angelus/Darla - Angelus only ever hunted one thing in Vienna.


  • Glass Half Full - R - Angelus/Drusilla, When Darla leaves them, Angelus makes his own fun with Drusilla once again.


  • Older Brother - PG - Angel tells Spike a bit about Penn.

    Angelus/Spike (William)

  • Eternal Reward - R - Spike/Angelus, even 200 years later Angelus still does his penance.
  • Holiday - NC-17 - Angelus/Spike - My first slash fic...Angel always said the Tower wasn't that bad.
  • Horrid Schmoop - G - This is a truly craptastic piece of crap, Fag!Angelus POV, lol.
  • Irenic - NC-17 - Angelus/William - A story in which young William finds out that Angelus can be kind, giving and passionate, but that there is a price to be exacted from those who get to see that side of him.
  • Lost to Ether - R - Spike/Angelus - Set in BtVS season 2 between What's my Line and Innocence.
  • Nothing As it Seems - R - Angelus/Spike - Set directly after "I Only Have Eyes For You'.
  • Shades of Red: Passion - NC-17 - Angelus/Spike - Post Passion, Reclamation comes in many colors.
  • Sick Drabble - R - Angelus/Spike - It hurt. God it hurt. So he asked Angelus to do it again.
  • St. Petersburg - R - Spike/Angelus, I tought you'd forgotten. 1881. (no spoilers)
  • Taste Between - PG - Angel POV. The taste of a turning.
  • Trapped - R - Angelus/William, Darla/Drusilla, sort of. When you've nowhere to go, you make do.


  • new ficMatch Point - NC-17 - Angelus/Wesley - A Sequel to Opening Volley, set during Angelus' escape in Season 4.
  • Measure Twice - PG-13 - Angelus/Wesley - Wes stands just outside the cage.
  • new ficOpening Volley - PG-13 - Angelus/Wesley, Season 4 Angelus out of the cage and on a mission.
  • Anya/Spike

  • A Whole New Me - PG-13 - Anya/Spike - The invitations were sent, but no one left a gift. Set during Hell's Bells.
  • Friends in Common - PG - Spike & Anya - Set during Buffy Vs. Dracula, Anya and Spike reminisce.
  • Moving On - PG-13 - Spike/Anya - Spike looks for a spell at the Magic Box, and ends up only finding solace.Spike POV
  • Screams - PG-13 - Spike/Anya - When the Chip went off Buffy wasn't the only one that heard the screaming.
  • What Came After - PG - Spike & Anya POVs - The ending. Spike and Anya reflect on their final sacrifices.
  • What Came Before - G - Spike & Anya POVs - The beginning, Anya & Spike remember a time before demons.
  • Anya/Willow

  • Secondary - PG-13 - Anya/Willow - Anya's true powers weren't a secret to everyone.
  • Billy Fordham

  • Billy Fordham Drabble - PG - He thought he knew everything about vampires.


  • Buffy Drabble - PG - Written post-The Girl in Question, Buffy POV. A Slayer can't really ignore the vampires in the room, no matter how hard she tries.
  • Buffy in Rome - PG - Set during The Girl in Question
  • Just Like You Were Trained to Do - PG - Buffy POV. 3/14/04


  • new ficSensitive - R - Buffy/Faith - She loved the touch, but something was still missing.
  • Buffy/Spike

  • No Words - R - Buffy/Spike - Are Spite and Getting Even always the same thing?
  • Spuffy Season 7 UST - G - He loves the way she mourns.


  • Reconciling - PG - Connor sees the Truth, the Lies and the way things should have been. (Spoilers AtS Season 5, Origins)


  • Brotherhood - R - Spike/Connor - Sometimes you can't help looking for that which isn't there.
  • Cordelia/Wesley

  • Ill-Fated - G - Wesley & Cordelia - Post You're Welcome, Wesley so desperately wants to remember loving Cordelia. Added 2/9/04


  • Awakening to the Dark - PG-13 - There's a reason Darla craved the view.
  • Hardly a Fresh Start - PG - Even Darla was human in the beginning.


  • Lack of Artistry - PG - Set early 1860s, When Angelus uses Drusilla's prophecies as a road map, Darla and Drusilla are the ones who end up lost.
  • Darla/Giles

  • Watching the Watcher - PG - Darla/Giles - Darla knows where Giles goes when the children aren't looking.


  • Filthy - R - Lindsey always thought he was the dirty one, until he met her.


  • Truth, Naked as it were - PG - A Dawn ficlet.


  • Oh That's Right, You Killed my Uncle - R - Drusilla's last days were anything but peaceful.


  • Patterns - PG - William/Drusilla - There are things he wants to remember.


  • Introductions - PG - For Ethan Rayne finding a god to devote himself to had nothing to do with chance.


  • New Year's Resolutions - The Angel Inc. team has some resolutions.


  • And I Run - PG - (written with Josey) Angel, Wesley, Oz, Riley, Giles, Xander, Spike. Seven men, seven urges to run away.
  • Playing the Part - PG - Giles, season four.


  • New Year's Resolutions - The Angel Inc. team has some resolutions.
  • The Lie in the Mirror - G - Gunn POV, Eventually we all have to face the truth.


  • The Basics - PG-13 - Gunn/Wesley - Everyone has to start somewhere.


  • Bloody Beginnings - PG - Spike/Harmony - Spike, Harmony and a bucket of Goat's Blood.
  • Spike & Harmony - R - Sometimes they were civil.


  • Clear Division Between Realities - Spike/Illyria - Someone is always standing behind the glass.


  • If This Were the Last Night of the World - R - A Wesley/Illyria Drabble written a few hours before the series finale of Angel.
  • Soft as it Should Be - R - Wesley/Illyria - The line between Perfect and Ideal is not so fine after all.


  • Justine Drabble - PG-13 - Angel season 4, Justine POV.


  • Filthy - R - Lindsey always thought he was the dirty one, until he met her.


  • A Peek Southward - R - AtS Season 5, Spike looks for a little Southern Comfort, but his vision extends further south than expected.
  • new ficAccomplice - PG - Lindsey/Spike - Spike hadn't taken a lover in a hundred years that Angel didn't know about, so in the end, Spike took all the blame.


  • I've Seen You Sing - R - A very lorne centric retelling of the Angel saga. Lorne always had his reasons, but no one ever bothered asking what they were. Updated 1/4/2005
  • Lorne - PG - At the end of Season Two.
  • New Year's Resolutions - The Angel Inc. team has some resolutions.


  • Day Three - R - Spike/Puppet!Angel, This is the fic that started all that Puppet!Porn you see floating around. My apologies.
  • One of them Extreme Makeover Thingies - R - Spike/Puppet!Angel, Spike has many ideas about how Angel can bide his time.


  • And I Run - PG - (written with Josey) Angel, Wesley, Oz, Riley, Giles, Xander, Spike. Seven men, seven urges to run away.


  • And I Run - PG - (written with Josey) Angel, Wesley, Oz, Riley, Giles, Xander, Spike. Seven men, seven urges to run away.
  • Riley's Secret - PG - When Riley first met Sam, he couldn't tell her everything.


  • Show Me - R - Spike/Riley - After Spike shows Buffy Riley's dirty secret, Riley asks Spike to show him his. Set during Into the Woods.


  • And I Run - PG - (written with Josey) Angel, Wesley, Oz, Riley, Giles, Xander, Spike. Seven men, seven urges to run away.
  • Don't Look Back - R - Spike POV, killing takes practice, thank god he did it with his eyes closed.
  • New Year's Resolutions - The Angel Inc. team has some resolutions.
  • Pausing for Air - PG - A post-Not Fade Away drabble, or fanwank if you will.
  • Snapping Back - PG - Spike POV, season five of Angel.
  • Uncomfortable - PG - Spike POV, Angel season five.
  • Voter - G - Spike POV, There's a first time for everything.


  • Don't Look Drabble - R - Spike/Xander, denial is a beautiful thing.
  • Late to the Party - R - Spike/Xander - Decades later Spike finds himself in Africa.
  • Missing Time - R - Spike/Xander - When Spike starts losing time, anything could happen.


  • And I Run - PG - (written with Josey) Angel, Wesley, Oz, Riley, Giles, Xander, Spike. Seven men, seven urges to run away.
  • Knowing the Question - PG - Wesley will always be looking for answers.


  • And I Run - PG - (written with Josey) Angel, Wesley, Oz, Riley, Giles, Xander, Spike. Seven men, seven urges to run away.
  • Xander - PG - A year after the Hellmouth closed.