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Title: Play Nice
Author: Tania
Summary: Annasbeta asked for Angel and Willow, this is set after Not Fade Away.

Remember when time alone was something you cherished? Quiet afternoons watching the clouds, maybe throwing rocks in the bay to see how far they skipped before falling to the salty ocean floor. Smiling at the first girl who noticed how hard your were concentrating in your efforts to impress her.

A day like that would be nice about now, Angel thought, shaking his hands in an effort to bring feeling into fingers long numb from the pinch of the handcuffs. It wasn’t even that he was too uncomfortable, he’d had worse. What bothered him was that his self proclaimed soul-mate had sanctioned this adventure in bondage, even going so far as to name Willow his captor.

“I gave you your soul back, twice. So play nice,” she had whispered as she clasped the locks around his wrists. “If you don’t behave I have permission to take what I was so generous to give right back.”

This was a new and improved witch, he thought. No timid teenager here, this was someone who had touched an evil even he could only look at in fear. All told she was cured of the lust to destroy, but every now and then a twinkle in her eye sent an uneasy chill down his spine. The kind of chill that snakes around your waist like a pool of arctic water, shrinking things he’d rather not think about having shrunk.

It was around his second day hanging from the ceiling that Angel started to miss Spike. At least when Spike chained him up he had the decency to stay in the room and watch him swing. This solitary confinement was downright cruel. Far more cruel than trying to kill the Immortal warranted. It wasn’t like he hadn’t done it a dozen times before.

Reminiscing may not have been his best move. Wicked grins about that which got you chained up in the first place are not usually the thing you want to greet your captor with. Willow entered the room, took one look at that smile and with a wave of her hand, had Angel completely naked.

“This is not for your enjoyment, you know.”

“Guess you don’t know me that well.” Angel said, unable to lose the smile.

“Better than you think.” She breathed over his ear, bringing a hand to rest on Angel’s cheek as she licked up the side of his neck. The shudder that coursed through his body was near reward enough, but when she unlocked the cuffs and Angel dropped to the floor she was certain her reward was still to come.