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Title: Ritual
Author: Tania
Rating: PG
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Summary: Dodyskin had asked for a drabble in Iambic Pentameter, who am I to refuse.

His skin glows bright even under dimmed bulbs,
Fighting to reign supreme as we entwine.
My eyes wander o’er pale legs, chest, fingers,
Willing them reach for me once more, entwine.

I dare wait no longer, take hands in mine,
He bends to me, soft kiss, fingers clenching.
Years pass between nights such as these, sadly,
So rarely we struggle to make them last.

His mouth covers, elicits cries from mine,
I see tracers of his body o’er me,
My lover’s ghost chides me for delaying,
Pulls me closer, becoming one at last.

Angel in name alone, sin to my touch.