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 Title: The Search for Clear Sky
Author: Tania
Summary: They don't know what they're looking for, but they seek it all the same.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Angel/Spike

They’ve stopped running. In fact neither of them has so much as looked over their shoulders in months. There’s a zombie-like focus on what’s ahead of them, bleak as it is.

Spike hardly speaks anymore, and part of Angel thinks that’s a good thing. The varying degrees of madness and just being mad get old. The fights have taken the sort of emotional toll the battle in the alley never could. Sudden shock is an entirely different creature than the slow moving apathy that fills his soul now. Watching friends and would-be lovers fall punches you in the gut, and it hurts for days, weeks even, but this…the aftermath, is a knife sliding in slow, twisting from side to side and decimating whatever it finds. The waiting kills everything inside by degrees.

So when it stops turning, when everything slows and you realize you’re still standing, all you can do is lay down. And so they rest. They keep moving, try to find some corner of the world that doesn’t feel like a home they once had, a night they once shared with the dead, a dream they formed hand in hand with a lover.

Every step of their lives now is about finding something new, something uniquely theirs. A world for Spike and Angel, Liam and William, The Scourge and the Son. It’s not easy to do, they’ve been too many places, loved too many women, turned too many dreams to nightmares, but they keep moving. The air around them clouds like death and smoke, destruction and acidic pain, following them from continent to continent, but still they go on. Knowledge that there must be a few places left in the universe that don’t smell like two shattered lives so entwined there’s no separation of one from the other.

Angel curves his arms over Spike’s sleeping body, wondering for the millionth time just where that clear sky is hiding, and if it will still smell like freedom when they find it.