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Title: Show Me
Author: Tania
Rating: Hard R
Pairing: Spike/Riley
Summary: Takes place soon after Spike takes Buffy to see Riley getting a suck job in Into the Woods.
Note: This is now beta'd and complete. Thanks to Josey and everyone who commented!

"Show me."

The words echoed across the crypt, startling Spike out of what was nearly sleep, but could have passed for drunk. He swiveled in his chair, staring at the intruder, who looked to be nearly as far-gone as himself. "Thought you were from Iowa, mate, not Missouri."

"Not important," Riley's eyes flashed, a sort of hunger burning in them as he pulled Spike from the chair.

"Hey," Spike started to protest, but as the tug on his shirt drew him closer to Riley, a familiar scent brought out the predator he had only joked of previously. Slayer musk wasn't just an imaginary thing; it permeated the soldier boy's clothes. Even his skin smelled of the power that Spike was certain poured from her body as readily as sweat, if only one could manage to get close enough to touch it. "So, what, you just come to pummel me? Sing me a new tune, yeah?"

"Now why would I want to waste all my energy beating you, when you seem to be the one wanting to play show and tell?"

Spike tried struggling in Riley's grasp, but soon realized it wasn't worth the effort. He obviously hadn't come to kill him, the stupid git wasn't even carrying a stake. Unless he had really deep pockets, Spike thought as he shifted against the wall. "Not following you mate."

"You and Buffy just happened to be taking a midnight stroll in a pay-to-park vamp nest."

"Stranger things," Spike said, looking wistfully at the half empty bottle on the floor as Riley hauled him up so his feet left the floor and pressed him harder against the wall. "All right, I'll play," he managed to squeak as Riley crushed his chest. "Whatdya wanna see?"

"Show me what she sees. When she was with Angel, what did he have that made her care so much?"

"Asking the wrong guy, never got what the birds saw in him," Spike spat out.

"No, you just hang around his ex because you like the temperate Sunnydale climate."

"Seems to me your vamp gal pal did a fine job of showing you what the thrall was." Spike pressed several fingers into Riley's elbow. Electricity jolted through his brain, slamming his head back against the wall.

"It's not the same," Riley shouted, shrugging Spike's fingers off the tender bite mark and sliding his forearm under Spike's chin.

Spike gritted his teeth and waited for the pressure on his throat to relax a little. "Like I said, mate, you're just not dark enough, for- Hey!" His words scattered like the buttons from his torn shirt, ripped open by Riley's fist.

"Darker than your pasty ass. Angel's too for that matter."

"My ass isn't pasty, it's, um, ivory." Spike dared a smile. The gesture didn't go unnoticed and Riley released him, taking an awkward step back.

A sound escaped Riley's lips that could have been a word but Spike wasn't sure, even though the meaning was…interest.

"Ohhh," Spike drawled, reaching down to pull the bottle from the floor, swishing it around before taking a draught of the nondescript liquid he had pulled from the trash at Willy's. "So that's it then, isn't it? Gone as far with the far-gones as you can, come to see if I won't show you that final frontier."

Riley stood silent, taking the offered bottle from Spike's hands, but unable to take his eyes from Spike's mouth, anticipating the change that never came.

"Not gonna be your bottom boy," Spike said clearly and slowly as he stepped closer to Riley.

Pressing his large back to the cool stone as he inched away from Spike, the look of prey covering his face, Riley nodded his understanding, even though he wasn't ready to speak, afraid to voice the desires building within him. This went beyond the pull of the bite, beyond the feeling of utter yearning he felt when close to the Slayer. This was like static in his blood, every pore tingling, waiting for a touch other than a fist. His fingers became weak, the bottle falling to the floor with a dull thud, the liquid remaining in his mouth doing nothing to moisten his tongue as his mouth sat agape.

Spike continued speaking, almost close enough to brush his hands over Riley's chest, but not quite touching. "Not gonna tell you that you have a tight ass or that I want you to come back, not gonna lie to you and say I wouldn't tear that thick neck of yours apart in a New York minute if your mentor-gone-mad hadn't played Frankenstein on me. Not gonna suck you off for forty dollars or give you a bed to spend the night in."

He was so close that Riley's hypersensitive skin registered the lack of breath in his ear, the way no soft hairs brushed his cheek. He nodded his assent and waited for Spike to step back, letting go of the deep breath he had been holding once the vampire was an arm's length away.

"Guess we understand each other just fine then," Spike beamed, his eyes wet with anticipation. "Now strip."

Grabbing the collar from the back with shaking hands, Riley slowly pulled the heavy cotton shirt up over his head and tossed it to the floor. As hot skin trembled in the cool air of the crypt, Riley gave a smile that Spike was sure had brought more than a few midwestern girls to their knees.

Soon the sounds of zippers and brass buttons clanking to the floor echoed in the air. Spike marveled at the musculature of the other man, and couldn't help but make mental notes. It was clear what Buffy saw in him; put him in a sunless room for a month and color his eyes with a brown marker and he could have passed for Angel. The perfect rebound guy, if a girl was fast enough to catch him, that is.

Spike was still taking in the many ridges in Riley's abdomen and the smattering of scars on his chest, when Riley moved closer. It was only when the other man was within inches that Spike looked out the window and decided that he didn't need any tom, dick, or Slayer getting a free show. He ducked Riley's touch and lifted the heavy steel plate that led to the crypt's lower level.

"Where are we going?" Riley asked, glancing between the door and the hole in the floor. Spike paused for just a second, annoyance playing around his lips as he hung poised on the ladder.

"Bedroom," Spike answered over his shoulder. "Unless you fancy being bent over the sarcophagus, cause if that's your kink…"

"Bed's fine," Riley answered, following Spike down the ladder.


"I'm guessing you've never done this before," Spike said when Riley reached the bottom of the ladder and stood fidgeting by the wall sconce, shadows playing over his skin in a swath of oranges and yellows.

"Um, well, no," Riley admitted. "How'd you know."

"Because, you're waiting for me to kiss you," Spike stated flatly.

"No I'm not," Riley blurted a little too quickly, piercing his lips shut.

Spike shook his head and looked Riley up and down. "Came here to get pressed into the mattress and shown why she can't let go of a one night stand she had years ago, and you're just never going to get it."

"Why not?" Riley asked, his shoulders pushing back in defiance.

"You think that this love she had with Angel was all passionate and tender and you think that she doesn't touch you like she touched him because you picture it as hearts and flowers, which I'll tell you first hand, it wasn't."

Spike dived forward and kissed Riley so hard they both fell to the floor, joints popping as they landed. Their lips crushed together for a moment, bruising and swelling with desire, and then just as abruptly as it began Spike pulled back.

"That's what she's missing," Spike drawled, running a finger over his lips as he spoke, "She's no fragile orchid that needs to be babied so she'll show you her petals. I imagine you got that flower without too much to do."

Spike grinned as Riley's fist connected with his head, sending him rolling across the floor. "Now we're getting somewhere."

Pushing off the floor, Riley grabbed the ladder and was up two rungs before Spike had a hand on his shoulder. "This was a mistake," he muttered to the wall.

"No, this was exactly what you wanted." Spike pressed until Riley turned around, the hunger returning to his eyes as he stepped down, towering above Spike even though his feet were flat on the ground now.

"It's not," Riley shook his head. "I don't know what I wanted."

"You wanted back what your succubitches have been taking from you." Spike pushed him onto the bed, grabbing a bottle of oil from the nightstand before the boy had a chance to protest. Pouring the thick liquid over his long-hard cock Spike placed a hand on the small of Riley's back and bent him over the pillows.

"Go slow," Riley said, tenseness nearly choking him.

"Not a chance," Spike smiled as he squeezed a stream of the liquid between Riley's firm cheeks.

"Is that berry scented?" Riley asked as the air filled with sweetness.

"Shut up," Spike warned, silently cursing Harmony in his head.

Not giving Riley the opportunity to change his mind, Spike ran his length over Riley's ass, glancing his fingers over his terrified lover's cock, momentarily regretting his earlier declaration of being the top when he realized the boy wasn't even all the way hard yet. Fighting back the distraction, he thrust inside Riley faster than he had intended. Tingles of shockwaves threatened to cover Spike's brain when Riley muffled a scream into the pillow.

"Hurt?" Spike asked, no hint of tenderness in his voice.

"I can take it," Riley said through the tears forming in his eyes.

"Oh, I've no doubt," Spike answered, pressing deeper. Riley's entire body quaked, sweat instantly covering every limb as the pain found its way from nerve to nerve. "This is what she felt," Spike went on, slowly pulling back and then pushing deeper with each thrust. "The pain is what he gave her and what she craves still."

"You don't know that," Riley stammered out.

"Don't I?" Spike laughed, "You think Angelus kept me around for twenty years because he liked my table manners? There's a bond in the pain that neither can break. He took pleasure in her pain because he's a demon, and so did she, because she knew it couldn't kill her. Every woman from Eve to Ava has loved the man who split her open, because he was the only one who dared make her cry and still had the balls to ask if she'd love him in the morning."

"That's not true," Riley said, pushing back just a little.

"She's gonna spend the rest of her life wondering what the second time with Angel would have been like, and you will never be the man to show her."

"And you could?" Riley said, the shortest of laughs coming through the words.

"Yeah," Spike nodded even though Riley's face was half-buried in the pillow, "she'd never give me the chance, but if she did I wouldn't be afraid to break her. That's what she wants, a man who will show her the pleasure that comes on the other side of the pain."

Riley laughed again, his body tensing all over, clenching at Spike's cock as it struggled to breach him further. "What pleasure?"

Spike wordlessly pressed forward, changing his angle ever so slightly, waiting for that tell tale hitch in breath that signaled he had found what he was looking for. On his third attempt, a little deeper, a little lower, it came. Riley's head snapped back from the pillow, turning in wonder as he felt it too. White light and a shot of adrenaline through his veins.

"Wha…?" The startled sound spurred Spike to try the spot again. The hitch in Riley's breath became a pant as he waited. His legs quivered as he pushed back, trying to force Spike forward.

Obliging as the rush ran to his own head, Spike let himself slide deep within, inching towards ecstasy a little faster now, finding that magical spot on each thrust. Riley was near to growling beneath him, bucking back, urging Spike to pull back, to thrust harder, begging for release as his cock became painfully swollen. Spike reached a hand beneath him, slowly stroking Riley's length in rhythm with his thrusts, squeezing and stripping him as Riley clenched and pulled his orgasm from him. Spike groaned into the human's neck, unable to stop himself from meeting Riley's lips when he turned his head and offered them.

As Spike filled him, the rush of warmth within sent Riley over edges he had never even seen coming. He wilted onto Spike's bed, spent and trembling as Spike withdrew, leaving him panting and near sobbing as he came down from the rush of sensation overtaking his brain.

"So," Spike said, grabbing a pack of cigarettes from the nightstand and lighting one as he drew his knees up to his chest and rested his head against the headboard, "see what you came for?"

"I think so," Riley said through gasping breaths, "but I blinked in the middle, you might have to show me again."

Spike laughed and snuffed out the candle in the wall sconce above them.