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This is just a drabble that started with Josey telling me I was sick and me saying nu uh. She then told me to go write for five minutes. This is what came out. She then told me I was sick again and I said. Yes. Yes I am.

Sick Drabble written March 31st, 2004

It hurt. God it hurt.

So he begged Angelus to do it again.

It wasn’t so much the twisting that wrenched blood and flesh from his ribs that hurt, as the soft words his aggressor was able to whisper in his ears while the knife cut its path.

"You know if I plastered this back on it would heal faster. Think I could stuff it all back in the hole?"

The sheets were soaked through with Spike’s blood, the pillows torn under his grasp, feathers spread throughout the room, tinted pink as though they had just fallen from a captive flamingo, not been tinted by the splatters of dead blood, torn from hunter and hunted.

Again the knife dipped between Spike’s ribs, carving dangerously close to his heart, the cold steel dancing over bone and muscle.

"Had enough?" Angelus’ voice rang through the air like an invitation, beckoning Spike back from wherever it was the pain took him. A fairyland filled with jagged lines and pools of red, eyes clouded by the euphoria found in Angelus’ grin.

Spike took him along for the ride, and as they both came down from the panting sermon that had echoed from the walls through the day, pain and blood turned to lust and lotion filled hands. Massaging over slashes and dips that had wrenched such beautiful begging from swollen lips, urging cocks to swell and legs to part.

It was a dangerous sort of foreplay that even Darla could not watch. The ruined linens were too much for her. Drusilla had to be removed from such games as well, unable to keep her tongue from cleaning crimson trails. The art was in the aftermath, and with the girls the day’s work never seemed to last long enough. Left to their own devices though, the vampires were able to paint canvases in red and white, filling in every shade between in a motif of sex and sin.

This was their art, and together they were a masterpiece.