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Title: The Basics
Author: Tania
Pairing: Gunn/Wesley
Summary: Set during Angel season two just after Angel fires the gang.

The demon had actually breathed fire. Fire-breathing. The thought was terrifying. And yet so cool.

Gunn slid down the wall to where Wesley was sitting, both men panting from the exertion of fighting something so large, on their own. There had been several times when he was literally jumping over a stream of fire or rolling over the ground, hacking at legs as he went, to avoid the short spurts of flame that occasionally came out of the beast's non-toothy end.

"Well, that was bracing," Wesley said as Gunn joined him.

"Had its moments," Gunn agreed, smiling as the fight replayed in his mind. "Bet they didn't teach you that talk in Watcher school though."

"Oh, I imagine one might be surprised by all the things one can learn at the academy." Wesley's lip curled into a little knowing smile. "It's not all midnight friggings and chickenhawking."

"I'm sure that was British slang for something, but I have no idea what," Gunn said, staring over the crimson flush that had suddenly come over Wesley's cheeks.

"Could we forget I just said that?" Wesley asked, pushing up from the cold cement.

"I guess, since I have no idea what you just said," Gunn laughed, as he joined him in standing.

"Right then, back to Cordelia's," Wesley said, brushing off a bit of demon viscera from his trousers.

"Sure, unless you've got any other terms you feel the need to school me on," Gunn asked, eyebrows raised.

"Not just now," Wesley smiled, "We should probably master the basics before we move on."

"The basics?"

"Like this," Wes said, leaning in for what was in actuality a chaste kiss, but to Wesley, seemed sharper and more heated than any he'd shared before, and when Gunn gingerly touched a few fingers to the small of his back, Wesley thought maybe he wasn't alone in the emotion.