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Title: Truly Forbidden
Author: Tania
Summary: Annasbeta asked for Angel/Willow and the line "I wanna be your dominated love slave", this is what she got.

"Why’d you tell Xander I’d been in your room?" Angel was more than a little confused when the boy had begun following him through the Bronze spouting off about how Willow was ‘his friend’ and ‘no vampire was gonna seduce her’ and ‘the slayer would find out’.

"He would have found out anyway," Willow’s fingers stumbled as they nervously worked at the tight buttons of Angel’s jeans. "He’s very hard to keep secrets from. This one time in seventh grade, I had this reaction to a papaya, and my breasts got all..." She suddenly stopped, biting her tongue and staring fiercely at the vampire’s face.

"So what did you say," Angel asked, gently moving her small hands aside and quickly twisting the denim until the silver buttons slipped through the holes.

"Well I told him I stuffed my bra with tissue."

"I meant at school today."

Oh," Willow gasped momentarily distracted by the lack of undergarments suddenly between them. "Just that ours was a forbidden love and that you needed a real woman to make you her love slave, a dominatrix." Willow giggled at the thought, the action sending long strands of soft red hair over her face, momentarily hiding her blush.

"I wanna be your dominated love slave?" Angel asked.

"Oh absolutely."

"I thought you just wanted a live model so you could wow the health teacher."

"Well, yeah," Willow agreed, pulling a pad and paper from her desk before reaching a hand over to stroke Angel’s cock, making him jump half way off the bed, "But nobody else needs to know that. Do they?"