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Title: Very Giving
Author: Tania
Rating: R
Pairing: Angel/Lilah
Summary: During "Rain of Fire" Angel goes to get information from Lilah, and later tells Wesley she was "very giving", hereís why.
Disclaimer: If I owned them Angel wouldnít go back to the hotel, because Joss lives there, not Lilah.
Distribution: my sites, others please just ask, I never turn anyone down.
Feedback: Oh, please, this is my first Angel/Lilah piece.

Very Giving

"Itís a win win situation for you Lilah." Angel gave her a knowing smile. Inside he hoped she would need some persuasion. His little encounter with Gavin had left him peaked. It was always a shame when people couldnít stand up to even a few minutes of torture. One punch had Gavin blabbering like a teenage girl. He had told Angel everything he knew about the psychics and their exploding brains. Now it was up to Lilah to tell him what they had deciphered from the goody bag Wolfram and Hart had found in Lorneís head. "So whatís it going to be?"

"I am not about to give you information like that. The senior partners would have me deep fried if I let you not only walk in here and torture Gavin, which by the way, good on you, but if I let you walk out of this building with vital information? Nope, not playing." Lilah pulled herself closer to her desk and reached for her phone.

"I was so hoping you would say that." Angel said as he placed his hand over hers, crushing the bones just enough that she knew he wasnít playing.

"So what? Youíre going to torture me now too? Going for the record?"

"Well, since the last department head I tortured here lost said head, and Gavin," Angel motioned to the bound and gagged man sitting in the far corner of Lilahís office, "isnít exactly climbing up the corporate ladder, Iíd say Iím doing godís work." Angel moved his face nearer to Lilahís. "Wouldnít you agree?"

"Very funny." Lilah tried to push her chair back away from the desk to distance herself from the vampire before her, but his hand was still crushing hers, and he had moved the other to the back of her chair, blocking her escape. "You can torture me all you want. Iím not talking."

"Great, I donít like a lot of talking anyway, thatís more Wesleyís style, always chatting when it gets to the good stuff." Angel slid his hand over Lilahís small wrist, grasping hard at the flesh as he lifted her arm over her head. He reached his other hand from the chair to her knee, slowly pushing the silken fabric of her skirt higher up her thigh. "I was thinking thereís more than one way to make you talk."

"There is no way youíre getting to me this way. All I have to do is scream once and youíll be plant food faster than you can say back off." Lilah said, ignoring the clenching feeling beginning in her stomach.

"Oh come on Lilah. Donít play so hard to get." Angel pulled on her wrist again, this time sliding her off the chair onto the floor. Gavin made a mumbling sound from his spot across the room as the desk obscured his view of the vampire and the lawyer. "Sorry, Gavin. Not big on the audience."

"Angel, really, you donít want to do this." Lilah gasped as Angel ripped her blouse open.

"Oh, Lilah, Iíd hate for it to look like you didnít try to fight me. Has to look real if you want to keep your head." Angel brushed his cool lips over her neck, stopping to lick over the veins that coursed over the milky flesh. "Donít tell me you havenít thought about it."

"Not once since the last time." Lilah said with a smile. "I still have the scar, see." Lilah pointed at a faint raised line over her throat.

"That wasnít me. Surprised you couldnít tell the difference." Angel traced over the mark with his tongue, running in circles down her chest. "This is me." He whispered.

"I donít have anything. Gavin already told you what happens when they try to look at the data." She tried to keep talking as Angel undid the front clasp of her bra, exposing her breasts briefly before he cupped his hands over them. "Nothing to" She breathed.

"Iíll just take what I can get then." Angel replied. He then slid further up her body to take her mouth into his own. He pressed his lips to hers gently at first, and then more hungrily as she opened her mouth to him.

"Angel." Lilah let out, but she was not answered. She reached over his shoulders, helping him out of the heavy leather coat he was wearing. Then reached a hand further down his body, releasing his swollen cock from his trousers. She arched her back into the hard carpet as Angel stopped the kiss to press her underpants to one side of her labia. He entered into her in one slow motion. Pausing just long enough for her to accustom herself to his girth before beginning a rhythmic pace.

"Tell me what I can have Lilah." Angel said as Lilah moaned into his ear.

"Anything," Lilah gasped again. "Oh, anything." Angel pressed into her further, letting his full weight slide over her swollen clitoris. Each motion bringing a renewed volley of moans from her lithe frame. As her noises grew in volume Angel became aware of another sound in the room. Gavin was groaning in his chair. His words muffled by the gag in his mouth. Lilah apparently had heard him, too. As she got closer to her climax she began to say no, over and over. When Angel kissed her again, she began to buck herself against his thrusts, screaming now. "No. No. No. Angel, no."

Angel felt his demon scraping inside his chest; he took immeasurable pleasure from her screams of "no". He could not hear it enough. Lilah reached a hand under his shirt and ran her sharp nails over his back, digging into the skin. When she screamed again, Angel nearly lost control, slamming deep within her, reveling in the clenching muscles she worked so expertly. He kissed her harder as she squirmed beneath him, their need mutual, if their motives werenít. At last neither could hold out any longer. In a wail of epitaphs Angel spilled his cool seed deep inside of his enemy as she clawed at his skin and bit at his tongue.

Angel abruptly pulled himself out and did up his pants. He reached a hand down to Lilah, but she waved him off. "Manila envelope on the desk, best I can do." She said in a hushed voice, hoping Gavin would not hear. Angel grabbed the envelope and his coat and turned to leave. "Dammit, Angel." Lilah called after him. As Angel passed Gavin, he gave him a swift punch to the temple knocking him unconscious.

"Thanks, Lilah. Iíll be sure to tell Wes how very giving you can be." He smiled as he exited her office and headed for the hotel.