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Title: When He Was Bad
Author: not!Tania
Summary: Set during/after When She was Bad. Xander needs some alone time, the Bronze may not be the best place to try and find it.
Pairing: Gods help me it's Xander/Angel
Note: Not beta'd because I'm not that mean to my betas.

There was a glint in her eye Xander hadn’t seen before .Something beyond LA hardness. It was all he could do to swallow the word ‘Bitch’ as she walked away. Her fingers trailing over his bicep, clearly aware of the twitching that coursed through his every muscle. The word at the tip of his tongue, an invisible acid as poisonous as the sway of her tips had been against his erection.

He looked at her with new eyes. Little girl body, Olympian strength. He wondered for the first time how she had gotten so popular at Hemery. She wasn’t an exceptional beauty despite her charms. Had she gone on her knees to get raised above the crowd?

They were hateful thoughts and Xander cursed himself aloud for having them. He was a pawn in her tormenting of Angel, nothing more. She hadn’t meant to hurt him, wasn’t her fault he had risen so quickly to the game, given her something hard edged to rub against on the dance floor. She had only met steel with steel, like she’d been taught to do.

He watched her walk away, leaving him stranded on the dance floor, ache in his groin. Rushing from the spinning lights and confused glare shooting at him from Willow’s eyes, he ran into the men’s room. The sounds of music were dulled somewhat as the door swung closed. Half a dozen men scattered throughout the dingy bathroom, some in conversation, some only wanting to be alone. Xander pushed his way through them to the last stall, hoping the space would be private enough to concentrate, expel the tension from his body.

No locks, just broken clasps dangling from the graffiti covered door. Didn’t matter. He sat on the filthy toilet, sliding his jeans around his ankles and jutting his feet our far enough that anyone looking would see the stall was occupied.

Wrapping his hands around his hardened dick, Xander bit his tongue to keep from moaning. Closing his eyes he tried to block out the sounds around him. He had almost found a rhythm when a short knock on the stall door pulled him out of the moment.

"Busy," he mumbled through gritted teeth.

The door opened too quick to make a noise, and Xander rushed to hide his lewd activity. He didn’t know whether to sigh or shout when Angel smiled down at him and leaned against the door, closing it with a thump.

"That wasn’t a very nice thing of her to do," Angel said, staring at Xander’s half-concealed erection.

"What, um," Xander stuttered, failing to find a retort, his mind stuck on the fact that another man was seeing him exposed.

"Let me help."

Xander wanted to stand up and force his way past Angel, but as the other man dropped to his knees and slid Xander’s hands aside, he was unable to move.

Stroking at the reddened tip for a few moments, Angel was silent. When Xander would try to speak, Angel cut him off with a harder squeeze, bringing white to his eyes and a pulling sensation as his balls drew up. Xander wasn’t sure if he should keep trying to fill the air with words or not. He wanted to point out that Angel’s feet were sticking out from under the stall door for all to see, but when the vampire’s lips closed around his cock and started suckling at his length, all Xander could do was grab the brushed steel handicap bars and hope his screams weren’t heard outside the restroom.

Xander was fairly certain a first blow job was something to mark on the calendar, but as he came into Angel’s mouth and watched him swallow, Xander was reminded of watching his uncle Rory down a shot of Whiskey. It always struck him as something foul and bitter but needed on a primal level. The wincing at the beginning gave way to a langorous sigh that soon sent his eyes to a half-lidded blissful place. Angel had that look now; peaceful, satisfied.

Angel rose to standing and offered a hand to Xander, helping pull him up on weakened legs. Xander was a little struck by how good Angel looked, even in these surroundings he was completely unruffled. He was just a man using the restroom, and when they exited the stall together, not a word spoken between them, those in the room didn’t give them a second glance.

As Xander followed Angel from the restroom and watched the vampire leave the Bronze without so much as a nod of his head, he had the feeling that Angel wouldn’t be giving a second glance either.