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Why Slash Angel and Spike? By Tania

The question has been asked many a time, more than once by my own husband, why put Spike and Angel together? While I'll admit Kita wrote the first and most fabulous list, the top ten reasons to slash Angel (which can be found here), I offer my humble attempt at why Spike and Angel just belong together. The list is in no particular order...

Spike is the only man in canon that Angel has kissed (Innocence). Albeit it was relatively tame and on the forehead, the thought's what counts.
  • Angel may not have been the one to give Spike that first bite, but he was close enough to him for Spike to refer to Angel as his sire on more than one occasion (School Hard, In the Dark).
  • When Spike killed the slayer in China  (Fool for Love, Darla) He seeks Angelus's approval before the blood has even dried on his shirt, and Spike is quite disappointed when he doesn't get the response from his sire he expected.
  • Spike's references to Angel as The great Poof, the ponce, etc. reiterate his sire's gayness.
  • Neither has ever been able to kill the other, despite the multitude of chances they always just walk away from the fight, fully intact. (See Lover's Walk, In the Dark, Becoming Part II, School Hard, What's my Line)
  • That line between bloodlust and lust is just so easily blurred.
  • Angel has a fabulous habit of Bending Spike over by throwing him onto a table (Fool for Love), or counter (Lover's Walk), or car hood, or up against a fence(In the Dark) whenever they fight.
  • I'm a very busy person, I need my fantasies optimized, which means a two for one.
  • So much in common, and yet so different. "Very different coloring." As Spike would say. They just look pretty together.
  • Both Spike and Angel are constantly jealous of each other's relationships, whether arguing over Buffy or Drusilla, they both seem to take offense when the other is happy with anyone.
  • Upon Spike's death he is physically 'bound' to Angel.
  • Someone mailed Spike to Angel, see *everyone* knows.
  • Houser to Angel: "You pathetic little Fairy." Angel: "I'm not little." (Convictions)
  • Angel: "Just so we're clear, I have no problem spanking men." (Convictions)