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Writing Spike/Anya by Tania

So there are quite a few good essays on writing Spike, even a few on Anya which I will be hosting here in the future. The question at hand here at Moving On though is this: What are Anya and Spike to each other? I have found essays on the parallels between our two favorite demons.

Writing scenes between two people, any two people, who have deep love for a third party can be tricky. I have read pieces that have Anya and Spike falling madly in love with each other and forgetting there was ever another love in their lives. I find this sort of fiction really quite hard to read.

Anya was scorned badly enough a thousand years ago to become a vengeance demon. The one man she loved after becoming human left her at the altar. Anya is not going to be falling in love with the first body she comes across, even if he is thoroughly beautiful..

The same goes for Spike. He was so burned as a mortal that he fell into the arms of Drusilla/Angelus depending on the canon/fanon you follow. He then was left by Dru for a chaos demon. He wanted Buffy so badly he nearly raped her and now that he has a soul, only time and Joss will tell how he deals with that guilt.  The idea that Spike would be eager to give up on his second great love for a vengeance demon just like that, is somewhat absurd.

So what are Anya and Spike doing together? Sex, Sex, Sex and a little solace. They are looking for comfort, an excuse to forget. They both need the occasional tumble being very sexual creatures by nature. Does this make them saints only looking for casual sex then going home to brood over lost love? Not necessarily.

The two of them have had an obvious chemistry since 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Hush'. They were friends who shared an understanding of lost chances and stolen desires. Both feel their destinies have been irrevocably altered by outside forces. They changed to please their mortal lovers and were scorned. By coming together Anya and Spike find something they thought they had lost. Together they are a force to be reckoned with; passionate, sensual and needy.

Spike and Anya are a powder keg of possibility. Their interaction with each other and those members of the 'scooby gang' they still associate with are forever altered by the events of 'Entropy', leaving a big door open for the fanfiction author that cares to delve into the pairing's future.

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