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The Cars

This is a listing of the cars seen on BtVS & AtS. I am always adding screencaptures and auto information on each vehicle as it becomes available. If you are well versed in car stuff I would welcome your help, just email tania@fangedfour.com.

License #
Death of Car
Picture of Car
1967 Plymouth GTX Convertible in Black - 12mpg in the city

NKO 714
Despite many beatings, still running

Chevrolet Impala, painted black windows, either gray or light blue before eaten by rust. May have belonged to Whistler.
Seen only in episode Becoming Part One.
12 cars courtesy of Wolfram and Hart, not all yet shown.
2002 Pontiac Firebird Coupe
Black Dodge Viper
The Viper is a point of contention between Spike and Angel, both occasionally claiming ownership. Spike apparently drove this car 'into the drink' and was given a new car.
1967 Yellow Pontiac GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato)


1970 Dodge Superbee in Curious Yellow
1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500 in Dark Metallic Blue with White racing stripes.

This may be the Camaro SS, still investigating.
Buffy/Joyce Summers
1996 Jeep Cherokee - Dark Blue/Black
Dented during Band Candy, presumably destroyed when Sunnydale imploded.
Charles Gunn
1976 Ford Truck - Bright Blue with Bright Dark Blue panels
Still ready to dust vamps
Charles Gunn
Silver Mercedes Convertable
One of the W&H perks, whereabouts unknown.
Red Volkswagen New Beetle
California 4GCG913
Last seen leaving Sunnydale.

This image courtesy Just Imagine screencaps.
Cordelia Chase
1997 Chrysler Cirrus LXi - 4 door

Chevy Mustang

Chrysler Sirrus, 2 door belonged to Cordelia's father

Yellow Jeep, Black Canvas Top

Taken by the IRS

Whereabouts unknown

Shredded by Werewolf, seized by IRS

Last scene on highway as Cordelia ascended to a higher plane.
Daniel Osborne
Zebra-striped Van, steering wheel on right side, euro-style

California 2COM654

Zebra van went MIA with no explanation.

Daniel Osborne
1974 Ford Econoline Van
Van #2 broke down outside of Mexico, cost a bass to get it fixed and garaged. Current whereabouts unknown.
Fred Burkle
Chevy stationwagon
Unknown, the Chevy brought her to LA from Texas.
Fred Burkle
Dark Blue Volkswagen New Beetle
Wherabouts unknown.
Jenny Calendar
Volkswagen Beetle - light blue
Demise unknown
Slug Bug!
Lilah Morgan
Lilah prefers limo but does have her own car.

Jaguar, S type, year unknown.
Whereabouts Unknown
Lindsey McDonald
1956 Ford Truck - Originally Flame or Fiesta Red, possibly Mandarin Orange

2000 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG

Smashed through a house by Angel, last seen leaving LA with a 'Cops Suck' poster hanging from tailgate.

Whereabouts unknown
Rupert Giles
1963 Citroen DS Wagon - a French made auto, 4 door. Was Silver at one time.  
Smashed by Spike while fleeing the Initiative.
Rupert Giles
1987-1990 (exact year unknown) BMW red E30 325iC - two door convertible, the stock US car has a 2.5 liter, 168hp, 6 cylinder engine.
Not a lot of power for a 3000+ pound car ( 0-60mph is approx.
10.5 seconds with the automatic)
Looks nice. Can just barely get out of it's own way...


Whereabouts unknown, thanks to Andy for additional information.

Thanks to Gingerpig for the screencap.
1959 DeSoto Sportsman in Starlight Black
California HIA 873
Crashed several times, replaced by motorcycle, whereabouts unknown.
Wesley Windham-Pryce
Triumph Motorcycle
Whereabouts unknown, replaced by Jeep
Wesley Windham-Pryce
Motorcycle purchased after taking over W&H.
Presumably this is not the same Triumph as seen in earlier seasons.
Warren Meers
Jonathan Levinson
Andrew Wells
Black Van, image of Death Star removed
Whereabouts unknown

This image courtesy Just Imagine screencaps.
Willow Rosenberg
Make unknown
Whereabouts Unknown

This image courtesy Just Imagine screencaps.
Xander Harris
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible in Larkspur Blue with India Ivory trim. 283 CID, Solid Lifter, Fuel Injected V8
PSI 735 (?)

Whereabouts Unknown
Xander Harris
Red Ford Taurus
Destroyed by Evil Willow in 'Two to Go'

This image courtesy Just Imagine screencaps.

Xander Harris
Silver car, possibly the same one Willow drove in 'Dirty Girls'
Make Unknown
Destroyed when Sunnydale was sucked into the Hellmouth

This image courtesy Just Imagine screencaps.

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